A Poem From My Love

Freeze a moment and maintain consistency
It is you who leaves us above the aristocracy
We remain stopped in a moment which implores love
And it becomes perfect, because I am with my beloved

We step towards each other soul
There is no evidence of control
Blood accelerates and prepares to rise
Observe a moment and how it magnifies

A hand seems to touch another
As I think, it is this moment, and no other
One finds himself nervous and anxious
My heart, your heart, have become so ferocious

Thoughts of our love are falling leaves
Swirling helplessly throughout the autumn breeze
Observe out future for seconds that seems hours
You are the rose that bloomed in adversity, that perfect and beautiful flower

Cold transforms to warm
Lightning diminishes from the storm
We fall and trust we’ll be caught
Through all problems we could’ve fought

Everything else stops existing
Nothing is real until it ceases
A gentle touch, which creates a symphonic explosion
A delicate brush with our lips, which drowns both of us in an inexplicable emotion

We kiss.

But who am I to question an angel?
Who am I to doubt upon a truth standing as jewel?
You complete me, for I have found a diamond among coal
You are the one that makes me one whole

That one girl, which made my life worth living
That single girl, which turned from stranger to someone I’m loving
She, the best person alive in the universe
She, the smiling face independent from a world which is perverse
Karla, a beautiful angel whom I´ve fell in love with.
someonewholovedyou someonewholovedyou
Dec 5, 2012