I Hate West Virginia

Three days after i moved to West Virginia a few years ago is when i first heard my first love comitted suicide. We were both 15 and she was always dealing with depression and i was one of the few that would actually be there for her. I was the only person that was willing to put himself on the line to be with her. I still have the scar when i stopped a 20 year old stalker that tried to rape her behind the apartments where we lived.

I was always moving around, not getting into that, so i knew that we wouldnt be together forever, but she was so against me moving that she wanted me to be her first and the week after that i moved to West Virginia. we talked three times everyday, morning, noon, and night (it was summer). the third day i called her at breakfest, she was happy to hear me, lunch she was crying and we talked for about and hour and a half(too sensitive to talk about), i called a few hours later and her mother picked up crying hard just screaming at me for about two and a half minutes about how horrible I was for moving around, when she calmed down she told me that her daughter slit her wrist long ways and wrote a note with her blood. it only said "sorry (followed by my name)." needless to say her parents blamed me, legal **** insued and i was found inocent of any wrong doing.

I miss her and love her still.

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Of course you were innocent, I am sorry for all the things you went through.<br />
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Her parents were at fault. They should have sought professional help.<br />
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Again sorry for your loss

i know what you meant, i was messin with ya

No! I didn't mean it like that! No ones sadness entertains me! I understand how hard it can be to share soemthing like that, thats why I said thanks for sharing!! I am not always very good with my words! Sorry about that!

so my saddness entertained you?

Thank you for sharing this story! This is so sad!

Ok if you think I'm wrong rommel175, but sticking around when a relationship is going well and the person we love is doing well isn't so hard. You did what you could to be there when there was much that was hard for you both to grapple with. I would call that admirable and yes, noble, in anyone. All the best to you.

noble? wrong.<br />
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but thank you both

I'm so sorry for your loss. You are a noble and precious person. May God's peace abide with you.

That's so sad to read T_T<br />
But at least she rest in peace now ..