My Uncle

My uncle Trevor was a drug addict and alcoholic. He was a great guy though. His girlfriend and the mother of his children had recently left them and won custody of their two small children. He was down on his luck and my family took him in. He seemed like himself. He although he had made some bad choices he was very intellegent.. He enjoyed trivia like myself and we spent many evenings playing trivia games, watching shows, in chatrooms,etc. We were pretty close. Then one day my dad went down to our basement and found him hanging from the ceiling from a rope. He cut him down, he slipping into death at that point and by the time dad got him down he was dead. The police and ambulence came. We lived in a tiny community where everyone knows everybody and we into everyones business. My sister shuffled me out of the house and explained to me what had happened. I was so upset. I went to my friends house down the road and she stayed with me. We went for a walk while everyone was gathering around to see what the commotion was about. Aparently people already knew that Trevor was dead. One person actually came up to me, I was visably upset and said that they had heard that my dad had killed them. I freaked out at them and straightened that lie up. The whole thing was very hard. He killed himself two days before Valentines day. We were in the funeral home constantly. My dad was so upset and angry at Trevor. He said Trevor had screwed us all over by doing this to us. Dad is horriblely traumatized by this. He is now an alcoholic and when he is drinking he talks about how Trevor is the cause of it. He won't get councelling for it. I'm still upset about it, but I have moved on.

Maemi Maemi
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