Eagles - The Greatest Hits of 1971-1975

My first type of prerecorded music. Yes, it was the Eagles first best of album that was my first. I owned lots of 8 tracks. I had a variety of music too. One of my favorites was 'Kickin' Country'. It had some great now classic country tunes. I was never able to find that collection on any other format. Plus had some very unsual collections designed by car manufacturers. Can you imagine Honda putting out a CD of a variety music that it gave to people that purchased their cars? It isn't done anymore. It was with 8 tracks. My parents owned Oldsmobiles. They got a special edition of what would now be called soft rock on 8 track with each purchase. I really liked those collections. It had great folk musicians like Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Neil Diamond, Kenny Loggins, Joanie Mitchell etc...

The disadvantage of 8 tracks were that they were linear. You stuck in the tape and it played. You had no control over which song you heard first or in which order. You would have to listen to an entire album to get to the song you liked. It really wasn't very practical unless you liked all the songs on the album. Now adays the younger generation is spoiled, they don't have to listen to any song they don't like (well maybe at the bank or at their grandmother's house). They download songs and create their own albums, so they like all the songs. It wasn't like that with 8 tracks. Some recording executive decided for me which songs were great and those that weren't. Also the 8 track player would get really really hot even before listening to the end of the album. It was really hard to listen to an entire 8 track in the summer. You'd have to take it out and let it cool off for a while before you could put it back in and continue listening. 

So far my favoite medium was cassette tapes. That's another story, I'm in that group too.
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No, you misunderstood rikrak. My 8track wasn't quadrophonic. This term referred to having 4 speaker stereo system. I had 4 speakers. I really didn't have 'stereo' like the speaker quality of say 20 years ago. To me stereo means both speakers perform dependently. Quadrophonic had 4 speakers performing independently. That's not really stereo, that's 4 versions of mono. A good way to check if your speakers are truly stereo is choose a song like 'The Dangerous Type' by the Cars. There will be times when you hear certain instruments only playing out of one speaker and NOT the other. <br />
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Ooooo, a '66 Mustang. Love the body style of those cars. So sleek and stylish. Heck I still like them. Love that distinctive roar of the engine, no other car has that. Actually now my favorite is the 2005. It has elements of those late '60's front end body style and lights. <br />
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I still wear vests. I love them. You can wear them year around. Alone in the warmer months and as a la<x>yer when its colder. I don't have leather, mostly cotton. Actually I never wore any of those styles except the bell bottom jeans. I used to really love my gold threaded shirts. Now that's something you can't find anymore, very late '70s.

Oh, yeah, love 'The Carpenters'. <br />
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Right it was like 3 or 4 songs per track. My pla<x>yer was kind of small, like the size of a square book. Just large enough for the tape. I still have those type of cases for my cassettes. Yes, it was the style in the late '70s, mid '80s to store your music in briefcase or luggage type cases. They're sturdy and keep out dust and light. I really like them. <br />
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No, I think sound quality is about the same. Quadrophonic was big at that time (4 speakers rather than just 2). <br />
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All their albums, wow. I have a few. Yes, they are classic artists, I'm glad they're still together Merily.