I Was 16

I remember this day quite well. I was 16 sitting in class when the teachers became quiet and brought in a TV and turned to a channel with live coverage. I remember being mad and confused and scared. I grew up in a very large military community. Ft Hood, TX is the largest military base in the US and probably almost the world. We all watched the news for hours that day just in kind of a trance. The next day going to school I saw how this action of terrorism was really going to effect my community. The highway was backed for miles to enter the military posts which up until 9/11 had been open to the public. As we sat in the traffic I saw the first causality that 9/11 had caused indirectly even though we were so far away from the towers. A young soldier lying in the road apparently trying to help with the detouring and traffic had gotten hit by a car. The car was there still as was he with a sheet over his upper body. I know this is was an indirect death as a result of what happened but  it was the first loss of thousands for our community dealing with the repercussions of 9/11. I became angry and I wanted the people who did this to be punished so I watched the news of the bombing of Baghdad with rapt attention. I realize now our president was using that anger and sadness to feed the fuel of a war he had been planning on anyways, and that we should have been looking for revenge else where not Iraq. To me the events of 9/11 meant a great change in how I perceived the world. I knew other wars had happened but it was unrealistic to me. In my short sided teenage view of things this kind of stuff didn't happen. I didn't grow thinking bad things about people who were from different countries but all of a sudden I found out there were countries that hated us just for being American. I
 was so used to the way things were around the Military before 9/11, which were pretty easy going, I was shocked by  the difference a few hours can make in the lives of so many.  I saw people and could tell they were wondering when their loved ones would be only hours after the attack, wondering where this would lead us as a country.  

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When the Japanese bombed our fleet in Pearl Harbor----The impact on the lives of all Americans --and of all Japanese is beyond most people's ability to imagine.<br />
That so few are empowered to make decisions that destroy the lives of so many is incomprehensible.

I can't forget either... not only is the birthday of my partner the very next day, at the time I had a very special loved one who was working near to the white house... i hope that i'll never see such awfull live pictures on television ever again and that God will keep my family and my loved ones out of harm's way

I lived in Killeen when I was your age. My father was in the 82nd.....it was the Korean "United Nations Police Action" they didn't call it a war..... I lived on Luke Field during wwII. It was the largest base for training fighter pilots in the world at that time. There was no Air Force then...it was Army Air Force..I lived with an Aunt an Uncle during that war....He was a civilian on that base--in charge of the boilers connected to the hospital. My father was jumping out of airplanes somewhere over Europe.... I totally appreciate your understanding of that whole 9-11 event---so insightful in one so young. The young people of this world are WONDERFUL---they are so wise and many are not easily fooled by the propaganda and manipulation of certain self serving people in positions of power.