It Was So Tragic

                                          Yes, I remember it all too well! I was decorating Christmas trees in a big Christmas store when the planes hit. I remember the intensity of the situation. My oldest son was in the army. He was in basic training in Enterprise, Alabama at the time. I was pretty scared. Also my brother and his girlfriend lived in Brooklyn at the time. I tried to contact them but all the phone lines were down. I didnt find them for quite some time. But, was very relieved when I did. My heart goes out for all the families who lost family members.

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Thanks difek2010 I appreciate the comment!

Very few people pay tribute like you do, I am touched. even though live miles apart from where the tragedy happened, but i have all heart and soul for people and their families. I must <br />
<br />
HUG you... for remembering...

Hugs to you too my lady!

Flour...........I just have to say these 4 words.........<br />
<br />
We Will Never Forget.......<br />
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Thanks my friend you are a great lady!

Thanks my friend you are a great lady!

my heart goes out for all those who lost someone as well, I am happy that your family were safe<br />
<br />

Thanks Oldboxy- I appreciate you!

I can never look at the fires and the fall of the twin towers and not think of all the men and women with families that were crushed and burned during those moments. it was a powerful event, I am proud of the people of the USA that we were able to get this behind us and move on. Not sured Iraq was a good idea, but I sure don't blame the troops.Flowerlady you're looking you lovely self. If I can get the gift machine working I'll send you a looks like you could use one. ;-)

Yes it sure was Luv.

A very sad day.

Yes it was Mother indeed it was!

Glad all is well flour. Huggggs.

I worked in a Christmas store. It was year round.

Why were you decorating Christmas trees in September instead of December?