Remembering The "victims Of 911"

Though I was not near it nor did I know anyone in the twin towers I felt it hard just the same. So much distruction, so much suffering. And for what? War, or terrorism is something I never understood. We say it is for our country and yet we do to others as they have done to us. None of it seems right to me. I hear everyday about the devisation in Iraq, about the suffering of our soliders. And it tears my heart apart.


Why cant we see what we are doing is wrong? To kill someone else in the name of honor - Where is the  honor in that?  I truely feel for those who have suffered that great day. I have created a blog for the victims to be remembered, and for those who made it to share their stories. Its called "The Vicitims of 911" . It is my tribute to that day. It is my way of giving just a little back to those who suffered than and for those still suffering now. Please stop by and make your comments. We all could use a little cheer these days. A smile goes a long way.


Remember to take care of thy neighbor, the way you take care of yourself. Share in these moments for they are precious. Always remember 911!

lrobertson0207 lrobertson0207
31-35, F
Mar 8, 2010