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i was going to see some kids and before that a woman-a teacher told to me and to some girls ''remember when we visit kids we put our problems in a bag and leave it out of the door.the problems stay outside and when we go inside we smile''..

just think that around kids ..i mean no matter what happens in our lives kids are important..i would put kids first and then me,always.but to be honest i dont have to try smile around kids,they always make me smile,i feel ok with with adults i feel more uncomfortable..

my only thought to this advise till now is that around kids i forget everything n theres no way i wont smile with them..but is so many put our problems in a bag and leave it out of the door,just think about it..


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amyMA, thank you for you story. Some of my happiest days are when one of the youngsters come and spend the day with me... I am so blessed to have my grown children, most of my grandchildren and great grandchildren living near to me....hugs, gryf


i ll try find out what humbles mean..thanku eyeno

yeah is like that


we learn from kids how to be curious and ask many stupid questions which lead to smart answers ... we learn from them how life is big and interesting place ... we learn from them how to enjoy learning , we learn from them how to stand up again after falling down , we learn from them how to be funny .lol. kids are Playful and I love that and that's what makes me feel happy around them :) <br />
<br />
what I dislike when they become so annoying .lol.

yeah candy..hugs

{HUGS} lov this leave the sad bag at the door so true!smiles are lov :)

how learn?

oh listenup u are good ,i know.<br />

it was a good advice .. Kids always make me smile and laugh and I don't get angry from them I can't Punish them when they do something wrong , their excuses always make me laugh , so I think I am going to be bad father .lol. but I do Punish them when they do something dangerous , like when they fight with each other and use heavy stuff . I do have Kids as friends , annoying friends , they are my

many hugs*