My Wild Life Years

I just graduated high school, went to college, moved out of the house, had a job. Yeah, I grew up way too fast. I dropped out of college, I needed more money to support myself and my spoiled *** bf at the time. I moved around the United States from cali to AR to TX then back to cali. To help family members and my spoiled *** bf out at the time. It was a fun agonizing trip and experience. I finally met the love of my life right when I got back from AR though. I broke up with my ex and now I'm married to my best friend, soul mate, dream man. He's awesome in every way possible and I'm so glad I met him! I did get pulled over a lot when I was 17 but hey did I once get a ticket? No! I was too intelligent I talked myself out of tickets and still do. I got pulled over at least 5 times since Ive been in Pa and not once got a ticket. I'm not going to say never I may jinx myself haha.

GreenEyedBeauty GreenEyedBeauty
22-25, F
Feb 18, 2010