Having Fun And Looking For The One.

I used to go out dancing with my friends on a Friday night and looked like I was having fun but I wasn't. I was just searching for THE ONE. AT 17 and a half I found him. The love of my life.

He proposed marriage to me after 3 weeks of dating and after 6 months I said yes.

We were together every day, and very happy.We were married a few years later and grew up together I guess. We were so young although it didn't feel like that at the time.We have travelled together, worked together, had children, learned new skills together,been through the ups and downs of a normal marriage and survived.

He is still the love of my life and I hope we can stay together to the end.

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Thanks Sugarbritches.Believe me it's not always easy but I'm sure it's worth it.We all have to work hard to make relationships work.

Short, sweet, and 2 the point. And this is one of the better stories that I have read here on EP. Congratulations to the both of you 4 a job well done. I really love stories like this. Thank you very much for sharing and May God Bless.

I know I'm such a romantic, I try really hard to control is but it's just me, I can't help it.:)

You old romantic you again, i'm gonna need some tissues... 'sniffing and envious "

Thank you. It's been hard work for both of us but we have made it through so far.

Yay! Congratulations, it's always wonderful hearing beautiful stories like yours. Thanks for sharing!<br />
<br />
All the best for you two!