I Remember Being Born!

Wow this site looks promising, being that I feel very alone, and the only way I can connect with someone is to share my experiences of how I got where I am and the many experiences on the way!I would like to start with my first memory because my life is filled with so many experiences that it would be orderly to start at the beginning-my birth that I remember!I have wanted to seek ,somewhere online,for people who share this experience and what better place than at this website! I was born Nov.18,1980.I don't remember coming out of the cervical canal but I remember all of these moments very soon after birth.I can tell you why a baby cries.A baby cries because they are very cold!I remember it was a cry that there was no way I it could have been willingly suppressed!It was an uncontrollable ,instaneously bursting cry!This is what I felt just after birth.I knew I had been born automatically.I had this internal automatic understanding that I was at my beginning.I then began the crying.After crying I could sense an anouncement.I could sense it was anouncement about the time.A lady spoke because she had a soft spoken vibe to her voice.It seemed like she said "A baby boy was born at "such and such time"."So that must have been the nurse.I don't remember what time she said it was though.The specific time was not clear but I could sense an anouncement and femininity in the nurses voice.I remember then being brought through a room.I coasted vulnerably in someone's arms onto being handed to my mother.I remember her face as I was transferred into her arms.It was as if adoring ,smiling warmly,and accompanied with a long ,verbal "Awwwwwww!" (the expression "aw").Her adoring warm smile is the same one my beloved mother has given me all of my life.(I love you mom!!!!!!!)
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If this is true, it's ******* crazy. I'd like to hear more; from you and from any other person who thinks they remember.