Thank God I Passed Out!

As unbelievable to other as it may be,not only do I remember seconds after I was born,but I also remember being circumsized!It was a time as if I was going in and out of sleep that I can draw memories from.I think that is what I must have been doing.My mother said I was born with my eyes open and I sure remember what I saw as I have shared that experience in another story here at EP.I must have been just another infant in the natal unit swadled ,bundled and the only thing showing were some eyes squeezed tight sleeping.But the times I remember must have been all those times my eyes were open.Wow what a great experience to capture!It was all wonderous and amazing to me until the one time I opened my eyes and I could sense something very personal was going to happen to me.It must be some kind of ESP or our brains can be transmitters and recievers and I was picking up on the plans of the doctors around me because somehow I knew that I was about to be operated on in that most sensitive area.I mean I had this intuition or sense very specifically that I was going to be circumsized.I just knew!I knew enough to brace my self as I could sense the doctors moving closer in to making it so.Braced I was and sure enough I felt the cold of the blade or the sting of it but in a split second like fast enough for me to not be able to process the pain mentally.
conmuchgusto conmuchgusto
May 15, 2012