Fond And Painful Memories

I was always spanked on the bare bottom. My mother did all the spankings in my house and until aged about 12 they were over her o. She was well known amongst our friends and family for being very strict. Often when were out and was naughty she would say, "when I get you home young man, you are going straight over my knee, " the threat soon became a reality. She used either a slipper or hairbrush. And boy it stung, but not as much as the embarrasment of taking your pants down in front of friends and going over mothers knee.
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My Mom often did'nt wait til we got home! I can remember her pulling my panties down & forcing me over her knee so she could spank my bare bottom when we were out.It happened in all sorts of places from stores to playgrounds to weddings.I hated it.

I have a lot of memories of mom's and dad's knees. This was the main place were I was usually spanked growing up. Dad spanked me only with her -hard- hand (and belt, but not over her knees) and mom with hand and -more often- with one of her bedroom slippers. Both spanked me on th bare bottom, trousers and underpants down (or pijama or swimwear). Spankings were hard and long, making me shouting, cry and kick out, and leaving me a very red and sore bottom. Like TJ50 mom don't wait till we got home and she gaves me some swats at the moment, finishing with a good bare bottom slippering at home. I had too some bare bottom spankings at other's houses, sometimes In public sometimes in the privacy of a room (in a bathroom a couple of times that i was spanked In a restaurant and in a supermarket).

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Like you I was also spanked by my mom. my dad left when I was about 8. I was spanked always on my bare bottom with her hand if it was real bad I get the hand and she finish with the slipper or brush follow by corner. I have also been spanked in front of others when I was bad it was embarassing.. mom did not wait till we got home she first warm my bottom at the time of the act. but she finish it when we got home. :-(