When Big Girls Are Bad

There was never any other way were spanked.It was always on your bare bottom & over the knee.I think i was about 3 the first time i was really spanked,i say really because before that the most i had recieved were a couple of swats on my behind & my hands being slapped now & again.So when the time came for me to take a trip over my dads knee it came as a bit of a shock.I had seen my older siblings get spanked but i did'nt think it was going to happen to me.I can't remember the actual events leading up to that first time but i can definately remember the first time.My dad was & is a big man,very tall half Italian with a temper only rivaled by my grandfather.It was my Dad who was the stickler for discipline he had to be really there were 9 of us,5 boys 4 girls & i was the youngest.So the first time i was spanked came as not only a shock to the system but to my bottom as well.I remember my Dad scooping me up from ouside the front of our house & taking me indoors & standing me on the kitchen table,now the actual conversation that took place between us has got lost in the memories over the years,but the vision of him removing his belt has'nt nor has the words 'Katherine you're a big girl now & when big girls are bad,they get spanked'. He then turned me round,lifted my dress & pulled my pants down,then he lifted me off the table,sat down & upended me over his knee,i can remember laying there with my bare bottom in the air,pants around my knees & my dolly in my hands wondering what was going to happen next.I did'nt have to wait long because the very next second that belt came down on my behind,more times than i care to remember,in all fairness looking back now he did'nt spank me very hard,hard enough for my little bottom to be red,& hard enough for me to be sobbing my heart out,but no where near as hard as he spanked me over the following years.When he had finished he stood me up & with my panties still around my knees took me over to the corner & told me i had to stand there facing the wall,'just like your brothers & sisters do'. I was only made to stand there for 15 minutes or so but that was enough for me to think i never wanted to do it again.Unfortunately i did do it again many,many times over the next 14yyrs.As i got older the spankings got harder & longer & corner time was sometimes extended to 2 hours.But throughout those 14yrs one thing remained constant & that was the way i was spanked,bare bottomed & over the knee.
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Come on, you were old enough to please your dad spanking you on a bare butt.

I got it a lot when I was a kid to until I moved out. Now my bf spanks me sometimed

Does he still respect you as an adult after one of your spankings.

All my spanking were bare bottomed and sometimes no bottoms...My dad would say after pulling down my panties, "Just take them off, so nothing gets in the way."

i think we've all been through that. Me but with a wooden spoon. OW

that's so erotic, i wish we could switch places

i like to chat about spankings

Sounds like a very loving father.

If children live under your roof they should be spanked if they cross the line

How big is big? My mom stopped when I was between 11 and 12 - she said I was showing her maturity and responsibility by being the neighborhood babysitter and school playleader and I was too old now for that.

I am a 19 year old girl and I still have many times when I am brought over my dad's lap and get a sometimes over 1 hour spanking with the paddle bar bottom. It always hurts like crazy. Every time I always leave crying my eyes out.

My daughter is 17 but when she misbehaves she is spanked bare fanny over my knee with a paddle.

it is Illegal, I'm 19 myself, never got spanked never misbehaved

I have a 17 year old daughter, and if she misbehaves and deserves a spanking, she is going to be spanked. I was 19 when I got my last spanking, and that was on my wedding day. I thought I could talk to my parents how ever I wanted because I was getting married, boy was I wrong!

You are in the 22-25 age group with a 17 yr. old daughter?????? Hmmmmm???

Actually, of you look at my profile, I'm in the 36 to 40 age group.

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Your Dad cares. Praise God for him.

oh my god it must be painfully long time

Everytime I spank my 18 year old daughter it's always a shock and your right the spankings do get longer each time and corner time too

Because the older you get her attitude gets worse including her behavior

Yea I have 2 girls my oldest one is the one that gets spanked more than her sister

Yea that will probably be my daughter too getting spanked at that age

I ask her to do something like help out and she doesn't and I always have to repeat myself too, she skips school, she talks back etc.

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That first spanking is always a shock. And while I wouldn't consider it any less of a shock to the system now at least I know what's coming and can prepare for it, at least a little bit. lol


try being older and still receive swats on a bare bottom

Yes I am a woman with grown children and I still get disabled on my bare bottom but by my fiance now

it must be very painfull and also you feel shame

Thanks for sharring

my dad always spanked me over the belt witg belt or rattan canes.it stings a lot.i cant bear the pain.but my dad was so strict .i never escaped if doing wrongs.im the oldest daughter.so i always get more than my other siblings.

Did you always deserve it?

Seem to me that u will be getting spanked for a<br />
longtime.Think u like getting spanked otk.as I'm writing this u r probably getting spanked again: )

Well I thought I'd left my spankings behind in my late teens.<br />
<br />
That was until my father-in-law caught me cheating on my husband. And gave me a swift, painful reminder!

Go to Confession roo!

i really kinda of understand how u feel and kind of dont because i have never been spanked by my parents only once as a dare but the worst thing about that dare was i had to be spanked by my friend 10 whacks in front of 5 of my friends really embarrasing<br />
and then after i was wedgied for 1 hour and made to sit naked for the rest of the game naked

I would have liked to try otk but I needed to get hit full on. Bent over and lying flat give the spanker<br />
enough room to get all their weight into it.<br />
I think lying on the bed hurts the most because you cannot buck forward with the blow. If you tense up it stungs even more because the skin is drawn tighter and is more vulnerable.<br />
If you stay very relaxed much of the force goes into the muscle.<br />
Plus, some implements hurt worse when brought straight down from a height rather than across.

So you were spanked bare bottomed to 17? Were they always hand spankings?<br />

my dad rarely smacked us usualy when he did it would be simply a slap across the leg generaly two or three at the most. when ever some would say wait till your mam gets home we knew we where in trouble, and deserved the punishment as we only got smacked when we had done some thing wrong.

This is great story told with love. There were nine kids in our family too. Mom gave to us spankings no matter who was there!

It could'nt have been easy raising 9 kids,god i have trouble with 4,all credit to my parents though cos not one of us have even got as much as a speeding ticket!