Never Any Other Way

When i was spanked it was always on my bare bottom & always over the knee.The stinging of my Moms hairbrush was the worst,although she could warm your bottom pretty well with her hand.My Dad always used a belt,doubled over,& that really hurt.Neither parent would stop until your butt was crimson & you were bawling your eyes out.I was always warned that i was going to get spanked,with my Dad saying "Susan,can you not be good? Now i'm going to have to put you over my knee & spank your bottom hard",as soon as i heard those words i would start to cry & beg,it never did any good.My Mom would say " You're going to know what a very sore bottom is young lady",which did'nt immediately have me in tears,but did start me pleading with her. As i got older & into my teens i was still spanked over the knee,more so by my Dad as i got too big for my Mom to do it.That was especially embarrassing as it did'nt matter who was in the house at the time.I was always sent to the corner as well where i was'nt allowed to rub my butt,if i got caught doing so i would be spanked again.The worst over the knee spankings had to be when we were out. My Dad has pulled the car over got out,got the 3 of us kids out pulled down our pants & spanked us at the side of the road where hundreds of passing cars could see what was happening.I've been spanked in stores many times my Mom would grab my arm & march me to the nearest chair or she would find something she could sit on & then put me across her knee & pulled my pants down & spank my poor bottom,in full view of other shoppers who could often be heard saying," oh dear shes been naughty but i bet the spanking was fully deserved",or they would say to their own kids " You see that girls bottom,well if tou misbehave thats what yours will look like". I fully deserved all the spankings i ever got & i'm glad my parents spanked me as i've grown up with respect & manners.I just wish some of them had'nt been so public.
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I fully agree with corporal punishment of children. However I believe it should be in front of family only and is a private matter not a public matter. I remember if I misbehaved in public badly (it was never used for minor matters) I was warned once. If the behaviour was repeated whilst out as soon as we got home I was told to go to my room and wait. Then after various lengths of time waiting I was always given a good bare bottom spanking. I could never imagine that occurring in public places. Once and only once as a sixteen year old I was caught shoplifting. In those days it was generally only reported to the parents not the police. I remember my embarrassment as the store manager was told by my mother I would get a bare bottom caning that night. Sure enough that night with my pants and undies down I got a good spanking followed by 6 strokes of the cane. Guess what I never ever stole again.

I've never had a public spanking but used to get spanked by mum's friend's

I know spankings are necessary and deserved at times. I just don't agree with spanking your kids on their bare bottoms in public. However, I don't see anything wrong with giving in them a couple of firm swats on their clothed behinds while they are standing or walking along while with their parent/s in public and promising them a spanking when they get home if they continue to misbehave in public.

i wlsh i got this from my mom or dad, it's what a naughty little boy like me needs and deserves, for my own good

I am not a fan of public discipline. But, the way some kids act in public I am thinking that there are some kids that might just benefit from parents learning to do something about the way they behave.

Good you can be so positive about your public spankings. I still feel the shame & humiliation from mine. It still upsets me a little...

Public humiliation - most parents nowadays don't know where spanking ends and beating begins.

Yes back in the 60's that was true unfortunately for some. But now days...most parents don't even know what a spanking is or have ever used them when needed!

My mother was an on the spot spanker - public or private, with my panties down and paddle or hairbrush (paddle if we were home, hairbrush if we were out and about). MaryJanine.

Thanks for sharing and oh yes that brings back memories . Dad used to do the same at times when riding in the car. He would listen to us about so long and then pull over and spank the three of us along the road . Getting your pants pulled down was part of it ; but not as bad as the sore bottom that soon followed! Oh yes good old days when a parent could do that with traffic going by and it wasn't an issue!

Can't do that nowadays - everyone tries to stop or interfere with a public spanking. I don't agree with spankings, though I got my share as a kid, but if anyone had tried to rescue my bared bottom from my mother, they would have been told to mind their own business and go on their merry way. And there are too many "pedos" around who use "help" to kidnap your kid. It's happened!


im 13 my dad will say "get over here so i can bust your butt" he takes my pants and panties down makes me lay on my stomach and rubs icy hot creme on my butt.he turns me on my back lifts my legs and bust my butt with his hand..he also makes me open my legs a little bit and he spanks the inside of my thighs he makes sure my butt is SUPER red before hes done.

too much pain and in public how much time did you suffering the pain

thanks for the story all naughty gals need to be spanked glad u learned from them!Do u ever get spanked these day?

Well I thought I'd left my spankings behind in my late teens.<br />
<br />
That was until my father-in-law caught me cheating on my husband. And gave me a swift, painful reminder!

You found out quick that you are never too old for a good old fashion spanking! Sometimes you need that reminder!

I guess so. It wasprobably more humiliating than anything else...

That had to be very humiliating...spanked by your father in law! I am sure skirt up at the least!

I am female and had two neighborhood female friends and we would role play in the fort and would have to be punished at times. We would lay over something panties pulled down and spank each other. We all enjoyed this and only a few swats each. Once just the one friend and I did this and then we each turned over and touched our young pusses with an ob<x>ject and felt each other this way. She wanted to learn to master bate when she was about 14 and I was 15 and we layed under the covers of my bed and I instructed her while I also did myself. We both pulled our thighs apart and I told her to rub her button with her finger and asked if she felt anything. She said a little as we played awhile longer she said, Oh yeah, now I feel something we played awhile and I got slick and wet and wanted to go furhter but we were good girls and got up and dressed. <br />
A very sexual friend of mine ... she was loose used to sneak out to see boys and sleep in her travel traylor at her parents house. It was a hot summer night and I was asleep and woke to feel her fingering inside of my thigh. I pretended to be asleep and felt pretty great with her fingering my **** and having to stay still so she wouldnt know I was awake and stop. I got very wet and then she slowly inched away and we went to sleep. <br />
I wish I had more experiences sexually when growing up instead of stopping but this is about it.

We used to get spanked by belt no undies. Then when I was a little older I was at the neighbors and my friend who was probably 12 at the time got spanked in front of me and I have to laugh at this she had her pants on and her mom said go get the spoon. She got a few whacks with a wooden spoon and was crying and acting so stupid when everyone knows you hardly feel that through your pants. She told me her dad spanked her and she would have warning and go to her room and put on several pair of underwear. LOL... we got belted with no underwear.

I bet belted no boxers either, bare butt

Thanks for the story susseditout, that had my butt cheeks clenching. I never felt the belt but I could relate to "The stinging of my Moms hairbrush was the worst." What did the spanking brush look like? Being spanked bare is bad, bare by a dad must have been even worse as you developed, and bare in public is awful to imagine. I would love to chat and share spanking experiences, do you have yahoo messenger?<br />

Neither of my parents ever did this to me. When I was in school - late 60's/early 70's - it was common for the teachers to use a paddle over your clothing. Your backside was NEVER bared. In high school, I got the paddle for yelling and using "damn". The teacher said he would have no more swearing and if ANYBODY did so, they needed paddled. Well, when HE said "damn", one of us picked up the paddle and told HIM to turn around. He wanted to know what was going on. "You said ANYBODY!" His face got red and he couldn't say a word. He never paddled any of us again!<br />
<br />
Being spanked bare bottomed in front of others can be quite humiliating, but that is the point some try to make. I saw a few get spanked (clothes on) in malls, but as soon as Security came down, the parent stopped. After all, that IS child abuse. Some add - "But only if you get CAUGHT."

I got the hairbrush on a bared bottom in the store(s) many a time as a little girl. At the time I was growing up, nobody paid any attention or tried to interfere (early 60's). I even witnessed a few bare bottom spankings on the street outside the store(s) - again, no one interfered. You don't see that today!


So much identification. I was always spanked over my dads knee although not bare until i was 13. Im only 24 now so there was no corporal punishment at school. If i misbehaved at school or at home,he'd spank me. He had no qualms about punishing me in front of others either. He put me over his knee in front of my younger brother several times and once spanked my bare bottom in front of a neighbour, even though i was 15 at the time. I was so embarassed by that but in the long run being spanked was good for me

Jayston: Why did dad wait till you were 13 to begin spanking bare bottom? What did yoiu get spanked for at age 15 in front of others and was that bare bottom too? Was your brother spanked by your dad and did he get it bare bottom?What did the neighbor say when you got spanked in front of him?