I remember vividly the butterflies i would get in my stomach when i knew i had been caught doing something i should'nt,it was'nt a nice feeling but one of trepidation,because i knew that eventually sometime in the very near future i would be going over my Fathers knee & have my bare bottom smacked.As soon as i heard the words "Patricia,get yourself into that corner & don't let me hear a word from you otherwise it will be worse than you can imagine". I would slope off to the corner trying my hardest to keep my tears from spilling over wondering how long i would have to stand there before i was summoned to stand in front of my Dad & apologise for the deed i had commited.The waiting was horrible because i knew that before long i would be back in the same corner but this time with a very sore bottom displayed for everyone to see.Once i had stood & apologised & retrieved the chair from the kitchen & my father was sat comfortably upon it,i was then told to either lower my jeans or tuck my skirt into the waistband,any amount of begging or pleading at this point would be the worse thing you could do because you would get an extra minute of smacking added onto whatever you were already getting.My father would then make me take down my knickers,or he would place me over his lap & pull them down himself.All the time i was trying not to cry because if i did before he smacked me i would get smacked harder "to give me something to cry about".Then once my Dad was happy with the way i was perched with my little bottom high in the air he would start to smack,the sting fron his hand was awful,he had big hands & they would cover the whole of my bottom until i was about 13.If i had been really naughty he would smack for 5 very long minutes which was the longest 5 minutes of my life,once finished he would stand me up & ask if i had anything to say,& through my sobs i would have to say "thankyou for smacking my bottom Daddy,i have learnt my lesson",I was thensent to the corner where i had to stand for 30 minutes to reflect on my punishment,if in that 30 minutes i talked or rubbed my bottom i would be hauled back over his knee for another minute of smacking on my already sore bottom.I would normally find it very hard to sit for a couple of days & it was'nt unusual to have handprints on my bottom for a while either.I certainly don't miss those days!
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Wow, my family must be lucky to live in an ultra conservative community in the boonies. No one questions my constant spankings at all. And they are a LOT more than just a little dose of hand to butt. My mother, aunts, great aunts, and grandmother only use thier hands for a long hard warm up, or for "gentle reminder" spankings, then its at least one implement and you can hear the whacks and my screeching well outside the house. And if I'm getting it outdoors, I bet I beat any siren for decibel level lol.

aww sounds like ur dad was very stricked with you

Sadly that is all I ever wanted growing up - a "formal" bare bottom otk spanking. But I never got one. Grew up in a completely non spanking home. I have been fascinated with spanking since I was 5 and now 40 + years later I still have the interest. I often wonder if I ever got a REAL spanking growing up would it had cured me of this interest.

did you have this kind of think many time did you put in secret water or cream to yopur poor bum

your father is crazy my mother spanked me on bare buttock but never so that

I remember my own bared bottom experiences. No one really batted an eyebrow in those days, (the 60's) there was always some kid getting a good walloping and often even the neighbours would support the parent in the case of a local tearaway. You dreaded one of them saying, you wait till I see your dad. Dad was always on their side such was the community spirit. It really did not take much to get a hiding in those days.

I remember once my parents had some friends over. My sister and I were really playing up, thinking we'd get away with it. No such luck. Dad called us both into the room where everyoe was. We both had our jeans and knickers pulled down to our ankles and then went over dad's knee. boy did he blister us! afterwards we were sent to the corner for a half hour to off our bottoms. were were seven and eight at the time.

Well I thought I'd left my spankings behind in my late teens.<br />
<br />
That was until my father-in-law caught me cheating on my husband. And gave me a swift, painful reminder!

i have been spank many times over mom or dad knees the spanking seem like forever the string red sore bottm lasted days with the marks also well maybe day or so

I too, remember those days and don't miss them at all!

Thanks for the story? Was it always hand spankings or was there ever something else. Did you always take them bare? To how old?<br />

Hi Phoebe,no i got the slipper if i did something bad,later i got the belt although not often.My dad could really sting your behind with his hand,he had huge hands &amp; would smack the same spot over &amp; over.It was always on the bare bottom til i went off to uni at 19.

when i was a boy i was spanked by my mother on the bare bottom. i never got as many as you though, normally 6 so i imagine your bottom was very sore for days. i also hated those spankings, she would pull down my pants whilst i stood in front of her, the last time i was 12 and a half. i did deserve them though. there was always a cold feel around my waist when bared but this soon was replaced by a sunburn feel to my bottom....

My Mum would say "I'll warm your bottom" and you're right, it felt like a bottom was certainly warm!.

WellPat you must have been a really naughty little girl, mustn't you. Think of all the smacked bottoms you didn't get but deserved!

Thats true there were many things i did'nt get caught for! I was so strong willed &amp; a tomboy that i fully deserved every single spanking i ever got.Although my friends coulod all get away with just a warning i would be over my Dads knee for the slightest thing.

It was the same for me - only my mother did the spanking

I got my bottom smacked very frequently and I too got thrashed with my dad's belt. I'm not sure it made me better behaved and it certainly didn't after age 12/13. From then on I started to enjoy the stinging, tingling sensation in my bottom after the smacking and I would **********.

Not something to look forward to, but certainly something to help one grow up and stay on the straight and narrow.