Over Mothers Lap Bare Arse On Show.

my mother would order me up to my room to ***** naked and then when she call out my name, i was to come down stairs, into the lounge. she would then inform me why i was being punished then have me lay across her lap and would then spank my bare arse. my mam always was a fairly strong person, both physically and mentally and i soon learned it was easier and quicker simply to obey her, it was also a lot less painful. as mother would spank me harder and longer every time that i disobeyed her. i have four sisters, two older and two younger and a brother who is the eldest of he six off us. this meant that one or more of them would often be sat in the lounge while i was being punished as i often was when one of them was was being punished.

no matter how often, nor for long mother spanked me, the first slap of her hand, or what ever she decided to use, always caught me by surprise and would be painfuller. my poor arse would be red raw and feeling as if it was on fire by the time she stopped. i learned at an early age that pain was not the only thing that i was feeling when being spanked, i was also feeling pleasure and arousal, so much so that **** would  erect and solid and pushing in between her legs. a couple of times i was so aroused i would *** all over her lap, and when i did i would b made to  clean every last drop of it from her legs using nothing but my mouth, lips and tongue. if i tried using any thing else. as well as my sisters being present there would often be some of their friends  together also. the biggest audience i ever had was four sisters, ten of their mates ranging in age from nine up to nineteen, and two of my mams mates. i was almost  sixteen at the time.  the embarrassment and shame that i used to feel when ever they got to see me naked and then being spanked  actually increased my pleasure, causing my **** to stiffen. in fact when ever there was just me and my mother there i would often feel disappointed.
occasionally, if i had been particular naughty or mam was in a bad mood she would my two oldest sisters and one or two of their mates to spank me and more than once  i was spanked by a couple of my mams Friends. i was enjoying my self so much, i  had never been so naughty in my lfe.

i can remember the last time my mam spanked my bare arse. i had just got out of he shower, wrapped a large white bath towel around my self ad gone to my bed room and dried my self.i droppd the towel on the floor and was about to sart getting dressed when my my walked straight into my room catching me stood starke naked. she scolded me abot the mess i had left in the bathroom and about the towel on the bed room floor. she told me not to bother getting dressed but to follow her down stairs for punishment. i bravely tried to protest saying that i was toold for that now and i sat on my bed. my mam slapped my face, grabbed hold of my arm and dragged me down stairs into the lounge. she sat down on the sofa and pulled me across he knee and gave my bare bottom a good spanking. when she had finished my mam told me to sit on the floor in front of her and as i sat down she turned and said , " thats how you deal with his misbehaving, Sue."
the Sue she was talking to was my girl freind who i broke up with only last year. you see i was just turned fifty when my seventy four year old mother lat gave my arse a goo thrashing.   
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Did you see your older brother spanked by your mom and see some of your sisters spanked sopmetimes? Ever all six of you get spanked at the same time? Whats the most siblings spanked at once once you were teenagers?

I especially love the bit in your story about cleaning up the mess you left on your Mother's lap by having to lick it up. In my dotage now, I sometimes make such a mess during a hiding and then, naked on hands and knees have to lick it all up and swallow it while my Headmaster is busy thrashing my bare bottom.

Did your Mom tire your butt or herself at her age. Burn the video. The pictures can't be pretty.