My Big Mistake

Hi my name is Nancy. I'm a friend of cosmicdragon. I wanted to write this experience. Right now, I'm 24. But 2 years ago, when I was 22, my friends asked me to throw a party at my house. I said yes. My parents were out of town and my 2 younger sisters were at our aunt's house for the rest of the summer. They'd never know. So I threw the party. It was great until someone brought beer. I'll admit, I was curious so I took a sip and drank only one bottle. This was the first and last time I drank alcohol. I was so crazy. Then I saw some guys looking at me, cute guys. Natasha said, "They like you, make an impression." I started striking sexy poses. Natasha said, "Come on, you need to bring your A game. What's the point of having a sexy body if you're not going to show it off?" Then I was naked. and I blacked out. I woke up and my mom was standing in front of me. I said, "Mom, what are you doing here? You weren't supposed to be back for another two weeks." She said, "Well, I'm back now. And you can explain everything after you clean this up." So I cleaned the first floor. The only room that was messy was my room. I threw all the clothes in the laundry bin, but the only thing I could actually wear was my underwear. So I went downstairs in my bra and panties and found my mom in the kitchen. So I explained everything and was waiting for her to ground me or take away something. Instead, she said, " Come over here, pull your panties down and lay down over my knee." I got scared. I knew what was coming. Reluctantly, I obeyed. After the first smack, mom said, "You were a bad girl." After the second, she said, "Bad girls get their ***** spanked." And that's why I won't disobey my mom again.
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Sweetie, was it just two swats?

i would of got my bottom thrashed for that i would not sit for days<br />
bad enough i got spnak till 19 but for doing someohting like that hate to see what my bttom look like

I get why trashing your moms housis wrong but seriously, at 22 you're legally allowed to drink. And you're an adult. When i 'm that age I'm not letting anyone do that to me.