Spanked By Babysitter

Ok so i was about 12 years old and in 6th grade. My mom was going out for the day, shopping. My mom is also a teacher so she got to of her students to come baby sit me. They were 15 and in the 8th grade. There names were Haley and Emily. They were both cheerleaders for our school. Anyways i overheard my mom tell them they could spank me fi i was being bad. So anyways we were all in the living room watching tv. I was throwing my baseball up and down, thenĀ it hit the lamp and it broke! They both gasp in shock and say You shouldnt have done that, now we have to spank you. I knew it was wrong so instead of running away i decided to take my punishment like a man. so Haley then said take all of your clothes off so i did. I was butt naked infront of them. Then Emily grabbed me put me over her knee and started spanking me! Then Haley joined in! They were both spanking one butt cheek at a time. They were laughing at my red butt. Then when they were done they let me go and we all sat down and watched tv again. My mom would be home in about ten miniutes. And i guess they really wanted to spank me one last time because then they said we will make you a deal. they said if you let ust spank you one last time we will get naked infront of you and we will make out with you. So i agreed. Then Haley put me over her knee and they spanked me so hard it hurt really bad. Then when they were done they took off their cloths revealing Emily in a Bright blue bra and a bright blue thong and Haley in a black bra and red boy shorts. Then they took those off and Haley came up first and started to make out with me. Then Emily came up and started making out with me. It felt good because she had bib boobs and they were pressed up against my chest.
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I still had babysitters until I was 15. One was an older cousin. She was in college when she was babysitting me. My mother would call her and have her come over if she were going to be gone for long periods of time. My mother spanked my sisters and I and she told my cousin that she was to spank us also if we got out of line. I remember the first time she babysat for my sister and I our mother showed her the strap and the switch she used and told her she should use one of them if she had to administer a spanking to either one of us. So one night she caught my sister and I smoking in the basement. She told us to both go to my mother's bedroom and that was fetching the strap. "You know what's coming." When we got there she told my sister to remove her jeans. "Where does your mother spank you?" My sister told her that she makes us bend over a chair. "Then do it." When she was bent over the chair my cousin puled down her Panties. She then proceeded to give her 15 hard lashes with the strap. When she was done she looked at me. "Remove your jeans and bend over the chair." She then told my sister to pull my underpants down. As soon as she told me to bend over I started to get an erection. Then she started whipping me. She waited a couple second between each stroke. My erection became so hard it was painful and when she finished and made me stand up both she and my sister saw how hard I was. All she said was "it seems you enjoy the strap." I had been strapped many times before but this was different. For the first time I found it very erotic. My cousin babysat us many more times and as often as I could manage I did something so that she would spank me.

I got it over my baby sitters age with ping pong paddle on a few occasions. I was 12 and she was 18. The worst was when she caught me smoking. She usually gave 20 swats, but for smoking I got 40. One time I thought I would be smart and hide the ping pong paddles in our basement. I did me no good, she took off her belt and whipped my butt til it was on fire. I got extra whacks because she knew I hid the paddles.

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