Spanked, Over The Knee, Bare Bottom By Sitter ... @15

Every year, my parents leave for two weeks on their anniversery trip. Their anniversery is on Monday and they left yesterday. Last year, they took an Alaskan cruise and this year they went to Fiji... where they don't have cell phone reception. I'm the only child and they always leave a babysitter for the two weeks. Last year's babysitter didn't want to do it again this year so they got a new one (I drove last year's babysitter crazy, lol). This year's babysitter is gorgeous and like 19 (maybe 20, I'm not sure). My parents also gave her permission to spank me, should the need or needs arise.
So when my parents leave, they kindly remind me that Emily (the babysitter) may and will spank me if I don't behave well. After they leave, Emily tells me, "We're in for quite a week or two, aren't we?" And then, I pretend that I don't know what she means and we have a long discussion about how her parents spanked her and her two brothers and that should I overstep my bounds or be "bratty," she will spank me just the way that her mother spanked her brothers. So, not taking her seriously, I said, 'All right,' and simply shrugged it off.
Later that night, around 8 PM, she goes to take a shower but doesn't lock her door, I guess for the condensation or something. And after around 15-ish minutes, I really have to pee (like my bladder will blow up if I don't pee). So I go inside to pee and she doesn't hear me. The way that I pee is very unique; I drop my sweats all the way down to my ankles because I don't want the last droplets of pee to land on my sweats and then pee. Lastly, I pull my pants up and thouroughly wash my hands with my three steps of three squirts apiece. (Yes, I am a clean freak.)
This time, I was rushing out of the bathroom so she wouldn't see me bottomless and I didn't pull my pants up to wash my hands off (I was going to rush out as soon as I was done). While I was still washing my hands, she walked out of the shower, not looking at who was outside (or if someone was outside). The way that she got out, her thighs were touching my penis and then I got an erection. Additionally, the way that I got startled when she came out, my hand (accidentaly) swung back and came back down, slapping her naked behind (which was incredibly erotic). My hand also remained there and I didn't move it. Meanwhile, I kept staring at her gorgeous boobs. So, she naturally took my hand off and slapped me. So, I rushed out and she noticed my somewhat baby-fat layered, white behind and yelled after me, "I'll make that *** as red as a fire engine."
I ran out the bathroom and into my room, put my sweats up and then ran into the living room to watch TV. Shortly after, she came out only with a towel and my erection was clearly visible, eve from outer space. She went into the room and changed into her PJs and told me that she would meet my behind real soon, too soon. "Take your sweats and underwear off, now!" she ordered me. I tried to argue that I was 15 (I'll be 16 in less than six weeks) and begged her to give me 15 minutes to cool down. She refused and I took my pants off and she was stunned by the size of my erection. Then, she asked me, "Where do you want me to spank you - here or in my room?" I smirkly answered, "In your room; it's closer to your bed," and smiled.
"Now, you can take your shirt off, too," she retalliatorily ordered. When I refused, she said do it now or you'll get double AND the belt. I clearly did it but I still got the belt. Then, she proceeded to order me to bend over the sofa (which was right up to my pelvis), which I did. Then, she proceeded to place my hand on my back, below her hand, and started hitting my bare bottom with that belt. She hit very hard - after at least 10, at most 15 hits, I was crying, almost sobbing. She stopped shortly after and led me into her room, told me to stand in the corner, opposite of the wall with the mirrors on it, probably so I can stare at it - which I did. And it hurt like hell. In the meanwhile, she went to get a bottle of water into the store - or so I thought. She actually just told me that she'd be back in 5 and opened and closed the door to make me think that. Before the door closed, she yelled "Don't move and don't touch it." Five seconds later, I foolishly thought that she had left and I ran into the bathrom to water my red behind.
As soon as I opened the water and started wetting my behind, she slammed the door open and looked at the from head to toe. Then, she grabbed me by my upper arm, shut the water off, grabbed the closest hairbrush (the short, thick plastic one - we don't have a wooden one) and dragged me into the room. There, she sat down, still firmly holding my upper arm, which made me bend over a bit, and then pulled me over her knee, pinning my left leg with her right leg. Then, she started spanking my as with her hand - one buttock, then the other, then the first, then the other, then the first, then the other, then the first, then the other, then the first - over and over and over and over for what felt like hours but was most likely no more than 10 minutes. After that, her slaps slowly ventured down my back thighs and the almost-tan area was quickly turned into an almost-spray tanned area. I had been sobbing since almost the very beginning and then she aske if that was enough. I couldn't muster to say, 'Yes,' so she kept spanking the tender areas between the buttocks and the thigh until I could finally muster it a dozen or so slaps later. For the record, the only reason I couldn't say 'Yes' was because she didn't stop and wait for me to answer.
Anyways, after I had said that, she said, "Not yet, it isn't," and split my legs open a bit. Then, she took the hairbush and tanned the area between my thighs quite thoroughly."Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap..." That sound must've been repeated dozens of times before she switched to the other side. But before she did, she made me get up and switched me. That time, she didn't pin me as there was no use and she realized it - I was over resisting. Then, the "slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap..." sound continued for at least a minute but it felt like it was an hour. Then, she polished the rest of my thighs and my bottom with the hairbursh with perhaps 80, 90 slaps total and told me that I had corner time in the living room (I could also see my bare bottom off the mirror in the hall) but with my top on. She
made me stand there for half an hour but my *** didn't become blue-ish or black-ish or bruised or anything - just plain fire truck red. This happened last night and it's still the same color.
This morning, my girlfriend came over, who is slightly darker than I had a lighter behind than me. But strangely enough, it doesn't hurt much.
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Zach, Can you add me to your circle? It was a great story and do your parents spank you too the same way? When was the last time your mom had spanked you bare bottom?

Zach, Can you add me to your circle? It was a great story and do your parents spank you too the same way? When was the last time your mom had spanked you bare bottom?