Spanked After Church

My father is a very strict Catholic and that is how my siblings and I have been raised. My dad takes religion very seriously, and Sunday Mass is a must. When I was little Mass seemed to take so long. It was so hard to sit still and be quiet while the priest droned on about things I didn't understand. It was so easy to become distracted by my brothers. They would nudge me, and whisper to me and make faces. Sometimes I couldn't help giggling and carrying on with them. One Sunday my older brother and I were especially restless at church, doing the usual whispering and giggling. Each time my dad would give us a stern look, and we would stop for a while, only to become bored and to start carrying on again. I was about 9 and he was 10. When church was over my dad walked us to the van, and instead of getting in the driver's seat he got in the back with us. He was so mad, but so quiet. He told us how angry he was at our behavior, and told my brother to drop his pants. I had to watch in fear as my brother lowered his slacks. My dad then took him over his knee, pulled his briefs down and hand spanked his bare butt until it was bright red. I was so scared. I knew I was next. My brother was let up. His face was red with embarrassment, but he didn't cry. My dad told me to come to him. I went reluctantly, all the while telling him how sorry I was, and please not to spank me. He put me over his knee. I thought surely he wouldn't spank me bare in the van, because I was a girl all dressed up in my pretty church dress. I was wrong. He flipped the skirt of my dress up, pulled my panties down, and hand spanked me until my butt felt like it was on fire. Unlike my brother I ended up hollering and crying like a baby. We rode home from church in silence, except for the sound of me sniffling. I'd like to say I learned my lesson, but this was not to be my last after church spanking.
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I was spanked bare to age 17

We were always spanke otk bare bottom.

Your lucky. I was taken out during church. Just outside the front door & spanked on the outside steps that led up to the church.

We were taken to the church washroom ... that I am quite certain was NOT sound proof!

Yeah, I as raised in a strict Ecuadorean Catholic home. In turn I got punished. When I was three or so, it would be me being flicked over a lap and smacked five or six times over my dress or underwear while still in the service, a few parents did that. When I was four to eight or so, it would be the toilets for a spankimg bare or underwear for ages, or sometimes the hairbrush there. When I was older, up to about sixteen from eight, I would goto the entrance hall thing, bend over a chair or table, underwear down, dress up and get 12-20 belts. Then I had to sit down etc; which hurt even more.

If it was really serious, I'd go out and get the belt, and after the service, on the bench outside the church in the church garden area where everyone was milling and going around in, I'd get her slipper, or the belt again.

I was spanked in a line of cousins. We played i my cousins playroom and left all the toys out and went to the park. When we returned we were summoned up to the playroom m mom told me to go upstairs. My Aunt was waiting with a wooden spoon, said her oldest kids were going first then getting back in line to get another spanking. She spanked them, we were lined up by height, so I watchd 5 cousins get spankings before Irecieved my spanking. We were told that the youngones were geting spankingsfor leaving the playroom in a mess and the boys were getting a spanking for messing up the boys room and her older children were getting spankings for not cleaning their rooms. She said she wanted to give the spankings on our bare bottoms and she would of if it were just boys or girls.

I got many bare butt spankings with that woden spoon, I was a bad kid I could allways find myself over someones lap getting a spanking, either on my pants ( mom ) or on my bare butt (uncle hand ) ( 2 aunts used belts). Now I am waiting for a spanng fro my fiance right now........

You can't get away with this today, spanking children on the bare butt pulling the pants down is major child abuse, I think your dad should have gone to jail!

Not that I agree with spanking children, quite the opposite, but it's perfectly legal. In fact it's legal to spank children up to the age of 18, 21 in New York. It's also perfectly legal to spank using an implement. Another great reason to be an American, huh?

I agree with spanking children. I think if more children were spanked they wouldnt be so spoiled I think there are a few adults who can benifit from a bare bottom spanking...

I think more children would benefit from a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking

I am glad you shared! Mom waited until we got in the door. She used a wooden spoon or Egg turner or cat-a-nine-tail made from old jump rope.

What age did you receive your last spanking from your dad? Your story was well written and detailed

I too was raised Catholic and misbehaving in Church was a punishable sin. But it was mother who did the punishing, not dad. We were told that we would be spanked and had to wait until just before supper. Than we had to take our pants down and were spanked bare bottom in front of everyone.

Jesus said "If a man hurts a little child, it would be better for him if he tied a great stone around his neck and threw himself into the sea". It seems that Catholicism is institutional child abuse. It is common knowledge that the sexual abuse of children is rife among catholics. No wonder Jesus hated priests and churches (Matthew 30). I like and enjoy spanking. I hate the abuse of children.

The Bible also says in the proverbs, Spare the rod and spoil the child. He who chooses to not discipline their child will suffer at the hands of the devil as a child abuser. For not disciplining a child is to pre destine them for hell!

i was raised in strick catholic home also<br />
many times i would go to church with sore bottom an sit tre were few ties in church whe i was like 6 o so acting up during mass dad took me to what they call the crying room for parents wiht babies you can here them cry in there but was used more for spanking kids took me in tehre pull down my pants underware an spank me i was kicking crying an wehn i came back in church rubing my bottom red eyes all know i was spank

Great story! Hard head, tender behind!

I got spanked on my bare bottom regularly from our pastor, mostly because my mom was a single mom and the pastor felt it was his job to make sure I got disciplined regularly. After church, if had misbehaved during the week, he would take me in his office, sit on a chair, put me over his knee, pull up my dress and if I had been really naughty he would pull down my panties and spank my bare bottom.

you are beat with a belt a rasor belt or normal belt and only one hour pain i suffered one or 2 hours hand spanking one bere bottom and 3or 4 hours pain to sit on chair if you pain only one hour after belt you very strong did you have no pain 2 or days to sit because it is red and you have blister where belt strike you my wife is pastoor daughter from pakistan eldest 8 children her father did not like beat children lisbeth received 2 spânking in her life from pa hand on her jeans first time she was 8 years she treat a boy bastard her pa listen give 2 spank on buttock with her jean she pain 15 minutes;one years after she fight with other girl papa this time give her 3 smack on bottom on her jean also she pain 20 minutes she not any markt she is good educated her parents prdefere speak than beat children in pakistan muslim beat many children

and after this terrible spanking how much time you suffered the pain to your poor red bom

your father catholic jesus is against children beating it is in evangile when christus late came children in synagogue this day how much time did you feel the pain to your poor tender bom

your father do not know that christ jesus like children and was again beat children it is in evangile did papa beat you many time why is it painfull how much time pain after big spanking

christus was kind with children in evangile he said no beat this day how much time you feeling the pain to you bom

A single mom with a rambunctious preteen had to remove her daughter from church service a few times and take her into one of the empty Sunday School rooms to give her a spanking. After about the third time, another mom suggested the mom introduce her daughter's bare behind and upper thighs to the unfriendly side of a hairbrush. The very next week, the daughter was extremely well behaved in church and everywhere else!

Thanks for sharing

Kristina at what age did you cease to be spanked? and over the period of time did the spankings change in nature, style or severity?

Same for me except we were all taken outside on a bench that lots of children got spanked on

just as jesus would do it.

Boy does this bring back memories. We were taken out during mass if we were bad. Taken to the car and spanked with the promise of another spanking when we got home.