Stepdad Spanked Me

My step dad spanked me from when we moved in with him and my step sisters when I wad 11 until I was 17. He would order me upstairs and get my pants off ready. The few times I refused or hesitated he pulled my pants down and spanked me in front of everyone.
At first he spanked me with his hand and then later a plimsoll.
He stopped spanking my step sisters once they started getting their periods. That laid me wide open to them dropping me in it, knowing that I'd be the only one facing a spanking,
The worse thing is that he was very public about the fact that I was due or had just had a spanking.
I didn't always had to have done anything wrong. Sometimes he would just say "it is about time I gave you a sore bottom" and that would be it. I'd be sent upstairs to wait for him.
My step sisters and mum thought it was funny. Once I'd been spanked they joke about my sore or red bottom, and would wait for me to do anything that would let them say "dad, he needs spanking again". Dad sometimes just laughed but sometimes he'd take me upstairs for another spanking. As a sort of joke, but still a very painful spanking.

I didn't mind being spanked as at least it was over quickly. Grounding was worse. But it did hurt. Sometimes I seemed to be unable to avoid it and would go weeks with a permanently sore bum.
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Sometimes he spanked you just for "fun"?? Why were you not REALLY pissed-off by his abuse?

wow weeks that's awful. awful that your mom allowed it

Did you hate dropping your pants and your sisters seeing you get your butt reddened good? Did they see more of you than your rear end and if so how did you feel about that. What was the worst spnking you got from your step dad?

My caregivers have a red round carpet and a blue round carpet in the living room in the corner. If I need to be on the blue one it is for a time out only but if I get sent to the red carpet it means when my caregivers husband gets home I will be getting a spanking. When he spanks me he takes me to the spanking room and he tells me what I did and why I need to be spanked and then he take the paddle off the wall and tells me to hold on to his arms and he pulls my pants and underwear down and I go across his knee and get the paddle 15 times and then I have to stand in the corner for 10 minutes and then it is time for bed.

This got me horny...NOT!

Ouch. Why did you still get spanked bare bottom when they stopped a lot younger. Did you have a big pubic bush down there when your sisters saw you spanked? What did moim have to saw about your spankings? I guess they all saw everything all the way till you was `17?

I got spanked too!!!!!

this is absurd, a spanking just because your step felt like it? Sounds to me you were his whipping boy, what did your mom have to say about this? How did it affect you, were you a bully at school as a result or did you remain a total sub? Kids that enter a step house hold at your age should be disciplined by the real parent, just to be sure to keep any ulterior motives by the step at bay. It's really bad to see kids abused by a step simply because of jealousy or worse.

Totally agree!!
Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Whats a plimsoll? And where was your real dad?

Well I was spanked by my father-in-law for cheating on my husband. <br />
<br />
And I'm in my 20's!!

Wow. Bet you didn't do that again. Surprised your husband didn't spank you hahaha

Are you kidding. Don't you think I'm a little to old for a spanking?

Nope your never to old