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Vacation Trouble.

When I was 6 I went on vacation with my mom, sister, grandma, and cousin. Me and my sis were very bad the whole ride down to florida. Once we got to our hotel room our behavior only got worse. We were told many times to knock off our behavior however with our older cousin there who we both looked up to we kept up our defiance as a way to show off. In a final attempt to get us to behave my mom called our dad and had him talk to us and tell us to start being good. But it fell on deaf ears. We just laughed it off and continued what we were doing. This was the final straw. It was late and time to go to bed. My mom took me first over to the bed I would be sleeping on and sat down. Without saying a word she faced me toward her and unbuttoned my jeans and lowered my fly. I figured that she was just getting me into my pajamas for bedtime so I did not resist or argue in any way. However what came next was not something I expected at all. My mom then hooked her fingers into the waistband of my underwear and with one swoop she lowerd my jeans and undies down past my knees leaving my bottom totally exposed and on full display. I looked behind me hoping that my cousin and grandma were not watching. Sadly for me however the first thing I noticed was both of them looking right at me. Before I even had time to react I was pulled by my arm across my mothers lap. Before I even knew what was going on my moms hand came crashing down on my bare bottom with a loud SMACK!!! It finally sunk in that I was over my moms knee getting a bare bottom spanking right there in front of everyone. I was overcome with embarassment. My vacation had just turned into my worst nightmare. This feeling did not last very long however because my bottom was now starting to burn from the smacks of my moms hand that were now coming down over and over. It was not long before I was bawling like a baby and no longer cared that I had an audiance. All I could think about was the pain that was now all over my bare bottom. I don't remember how long the spanking lasted but I do remember that when she was done with me my bottom felt like it was on fire. As soon as she was done with me my 8 year old sisters pants came down and before I knew it she was over my moms knee getting the same bare bottom spanking that I had just gotten right there in front of everyone. She soon was bawling like a baby as well. When it was all over it was straight to bed for both of us. We both cried ourselfs to sleep that night!!!
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Was your cousin female or male that you looked up too?


Was female cousin wearing sandals or flip flops on feet when mom had your over her knee spanked on your bed in the hotel room?

I don't remember. Lol

Have you ever been spanked with a sandal or flip flop from mom or older female cousin?

I haven't. Message me if you would like.

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Great story, sounds like you both got it good. How old are you and your sister now??

I had a similar experience when I acted up on vacation. It was the summer after my fourth grade year, and I was being disagreeable during a three day junket to Arkansas. When we got home I was informed that my behavior on the trip merited a spanking. My dad gave me 12 swats of the paddle on my bare bottom. It hurt like crazy for an hour afterwards, and for the next few days it was painful to sit down.
I did not go swimming for a week, because It did not want to expose my butt in the changing room.

You're kinda lucky hun. A similar fate happened to both my sister and I but mami used her slipper. In FRONT of guests

You were lucky that she did not have a paddle to use on you and your sisters bare butts.

If we were at home it would have been the paddle or hairbrush on our bare bottom's for sure

No doubt you had a hot seat and that behind was tender for days. It was not easy to take a dump for days!

Hopefully that was the only spanking your sister and you got while on vacation. Did your cousin gey spanked also?

No she did not.

You were very naughty indeed.Naughty lads need a good whipping of their hineys to keep them in line.

Good on your mother. If you were my kids and behaved like that the pair of you would of been over my knee one at a time with your undies down getting the slipper on your bare backsides. You would then of been sent to bed and probably would of had to sleep on your tummys all night because of the stinging pain.