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Mother Daughter Chat

I remember being in this situation many times growing up . One time in particular when I was 13 thought I old enough to do what I wanted to. I was riding home on the Bus after school and a neighbor girl wanted me to come home with her. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal as we lived down the road from them in the country. So I got off the bus with Dianne at her house .. Mom had no idea that I was doing this and she was at a meeting and not suppose to be home for couple of hours . I was having fun with Dianne and lost track of time. Mom had came home and couldn't find me and asked my brother where I was. He told her I had gotten off the bus with Dianne. Mom was really up set now as I hadn't came straight home as promised knowing she was not home! She jumped in the car and came right down to pick me up. We were out in the yard when Mom came in the driveway..I knew I had really done it now! She came right over grabbed by the arm lead me to the car..swatting my bottom with her hand saying you just wait till we get home young lady! It was along short ride started scolding ... what do you think you were doing? I thought something had happened to you and you know you were to come straight home after school you are getting too smart for your own good!
Just as soon as we got home she told me to go to her bedroom now and I had better have my jeans off before I get there if you know what is good for you! I was panicing and starting to shed tears and ran to my parents bedroom and prepared myself! Mom came in a few minutes later with the wood brush from the kitchen...sat down on the bed and pulled me over her lap! I was just barely over her lap when down came my panties and off. She went right to work on my poor bare bottom with that brush not letting up till until I was crying and kicking and pleading that I would be good! Mom finally stopped let me up and said I hope you have learned your lesson? I was doing the dance all over and rubbing for relief . Then gave me a hug and sent me to my room to think about what I had done and put her through. I ran to my room without picking up my pants and layed on the bed rubbing my bottom for some relief from all the stinging and burning! I got over it with a better attitude .....well other than sitting was a bit uncomfortable for awhile after. I have to admitt it was a good lesson learned.
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Love to have seen you get your spanking

Your mom sure loved you, and also loved your cute butt. She could have just grounded you but she choose to give you a good spank on your bare butt instead.

How long did the pain last?

About a couple of hours ...but still noticed it when sitting like after most spankings when done right.

Did you get spanked a lot often? I mean was it for the same misbehave or a new misbehave every time?

Good for you, your mom did the right thing.

Did your mom come to check on your butt after that?

I never understand the hug part after spanking, I would always tell my mom to give me more spanks and save me from the hug.

looking back I have to agree that I definitely did have this spanking coming . Yes She did check on me after awhile.

MMM a very good lesson. love it.

Yes a good lesson that ended with a sore bottom. l have to admit that I had lots of these talks when growing up .

are you still spanked? If not, do you wish you were?

Yes I am still spanked on occasion as it is something that I do need at times.

Pleased to hear that

I hope you'll add me

who spanks you now?

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yes - good lessons - there are times at any age and any time where a key lesson is important. shall we impart that lesson to your co-worker who is annoying you? lol - cane or leather strap.

Yes those chats with Mom did me a lot of good and learn how to be respectful which is something that seems to be disappearing these days! I would like to see my coworker get a good long taste of the leather strap! It would do her a lot of good.

I got the same for the same reason, getting off the bus with a friend, except my mom used a switch on me.

Can't say I've ever had one but ouch by the sound of it

Yes very much a big Ouch! But a good lesson learned too!

i was always fascinated by diggers being a boy one day i came out of school and my path home was over the football pitch but this day there was a big digger digging a long deep trench i stood entranced by its movements till in the distance i could see a woman coming towards me and i knew it was mum and she had her long stick in her hand. My heart started to race and a knot was in my stomach i was starting to cry before she had got to me. She said nothing but took my hand and walked me home. There was no need for words i knew what i was in for and pleading just made her more mad so staying silent was the best way when we got home she pulled out the chair and told me to get over i knew what i had to do i took my pants down and bent over then came the 1st stroke then the next after 6 i was screaming for her to stop but she gave me more till i lay limp and just took it i was sent to my room for the rest of the day mum ruled with a hard hand

How old were you when you got your last over the knee spanking from your mom? Was it the worst you ever received?

From Mom last OTK one was at 15 . My worse spanking at home was from Dad with Mom's assistance making sure I got it good so to speak! I went to a party I was not suppose to go to...came in very late!

How did mom assist him? what did mom do?

She in insisted that I should be spanked on the bare...I didn't thinks so but lost that argument quick! . When the spanking started She then held me down over the end of the couch while Dad tanned my bottom with the belt. That was a first time She had held me down like that . Yes Mom was was very upset with me making sure that I knew I wasn't too old for a spanking . I was 18 at the time .

she held your upper back or arm so you could raise up
or did she hold you legs, (from what you said, I don't think so)

you said above it was the first time that mom held you down--was the first and last or that happen more?

Not at the time but now do you believe in spanking an 18 yr old girl?

I don't remember what it was for, I was young...around 10 or 11, but remember my mom sending me to get a switch from the tree and she pulled me across her lap in the back yard. She made pull down my pants and panties and she really gave it to me on my backside and legs. It was really painful.

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Great account pcasper, was the wood brush a hairbrush that just happened to be in the kitchen or was its special purpose only for reddening behinds?

It was an old wood backed scrub brush ..but did see more action reddening bottoms than scrubbing!

I will have to say Ouch. That would really hurt but I think you deserved it. Great memory and great that you learned your lesson. If more parents would spank there kids now a days we would not have all these crimes going on in the world.

When I was ten, I had gone to a class-mates house to play after school. I finally came home about 5 o'clock and was greeted with hugs and kisses that were quickly followed by screams about, "Where have you been?" Whisked off to my room, it was a very short wait for Father.
My bottom was instantly bared and I was taught a very stern lesson with a slipper doing all the "talking." Never again was I over at another child's house without informing my parents!

Good description of a bare bottom brush spanking thank you.

Thanks Po! Yes a good lesson learned.

Mom's and hairbrushes..... I swear that whoever invented the hairbrush... KNEW it would be Mother's Little Helper in the discipline department, and designed it so it could be used for spankings!

I remember being in my room after a hairbrush spanking, still crying and wishing that the hairbrush had never been invented. LOL

Oh yes the brush will have you kicking and howling when used on a bare bottom . Mom used one on us at times and it didn't look like a big threat..but soon was!

I can SO relate to the hairbrush. My mom gave me my last spanking when I was 13 - it was a very memorable pants down, face down over her lap affiar. It had been two years since she last spanked me and I had kind of forgotten how much the hairbrush really hurts. She had me bawling like a baby by the time it was over.

Well sorry you deserved that spanking going to someone house without asking or telling is wrong. Kids some times do not think what go through a parents head when there kid does not come home from school or if they have been out a two second phone call could save a lot of pain and trouble. And your spankings were done in your parents bed room all the time or just that time.?

Yes a phone call could have saved a lot of discomfort; but you didn't think about doing that at the time as you just went with the moment. Spankings were done in the livingroom over the end of the couch with some done in a bedroom , kitchen, or workshop .

And I guess the bedroom was private all the rest of the place if people were in those rooms they got a free show?

I would have gotten spanked or 'whiiped' for what you did too growing up, but my Pa would've been the one to administer, never my mother and we never had spankings with a hairbrush. We were told that was brushing our hair and should be used for that and not to instill discipline, so never tasted the hairbrush, but cant be as bad as a belt, surely?

No I have to admit that the belt is worse . Dad used the belt like your Pa did at home for the more serious spankings...and wow did that ever hurt!

I remember my painful spanking! It hurts like hell!

Well in my experiences, the hairbrush was worse than the belt. My dad used the belt (we called it "the strap") and you would get 8-12 good licks on your bare hiney and then it was over.

But my mom gave us the hairbrush and once she had you over her lap she let loose with the hairbrush over and over and over and over........... You got many many more spanks with the hairbrush and my hiney felt like it was on fire by the time it was over.

try getting spanked by a vicegrip!

The brush is worse for two reasons: It is NOT spreading around the impact, its all compacted into a small area with each swat. Thus the pretty bruises and blisters in interesting patterns. It can reach those sit spots too well, as well as into the buttcrack area. Oh and 3: Its so much easier for Mommy/Aunties/Whoever to use in places like bathrooms/fitting rooms, the car........ Belts take too long to yank off in those situations, and Mommy/Aunties/Whoever may not wish to risk thier own botoms bared by clothing falling down?

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Ouch indeed! Mom's hairbrush made me jump around everywhere too! Great recollection, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing this<br />
Certainly by the standards of those days that spanking was well deserved

An excellent spanking memoir. How long did your mother continue with this superb discipline?

She made sure I was well behaved..with this discipline all the way through High School.. by her..or She made sure Dad got to the bottom of things!

Gosh, so dad took care of the heavier spankings,, and was you bare bottom on show to him?

ouch.. Hairbrush on the bare bottom,