I wish my boyfriend spanked me over the knee!:(
My boyfriend says that spanking over the knee is too comfortable. So I get spanked standing...:/
If I move out of position I get spanked harder and with the belt cuz my boyfriend also says he shouldn't have to damage his hand punishing me...
I hate getting spanked standing! Lol he makes me take off my belt and give it to him and if I don't have one he uses his which hurts so much!!! It feels like the spankings are worst standing..:(
I wanna convince him to let me go over his knee or lay down, but I don't know how! Lol
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No jilly, we live in reality. I see when confronted with facts you block and run. Keep running. Bloviate somewhere else.

Add me please lets talk sometime.

Suggest bending over the side of the bed or up on all fours. Legs up works too.

i will do it for you lol

Uhm first of all, why the hell are you dating a guy who hits you? Thats awfull...

Next time u r naughyy lay across his knee n what for your spanking

Tell him to bend you over the bed he can sit on he bed and he can still get full swing while punishing you.

What a doosh u should leave the Guy that is considerd a Fellini and sexual harrasment u want help here's some advice leave him u can find better :)

he should at least bed you over a bed or chair.