Watching Wendy Get Spanked

I used to play with a girl when I was young, before I went to school. Her name was Wendy. Her parents were English and seemed pretty normal, nothing terrible happened that I remember or heard of. One day, however, while my Mom and Wendy's mom were talking away, we went off to her bedroom to play doctor. I remember lying on my back while she lowered my pants to look at me. The thrill is still very vivid in my memory, the thrill of her eyes gazing down at me. This was long before I could get aroused physically but I sure remember being excited about the whole thing.
At some point, Wendy's mother came in and was shocked to see us playing with each other. I'm not sure if I played with her but she sure played with me. Well that ended that! Her mother was yelling and I ducked out to the kitchen and we got ready to go. The last thing I saw was Wendy over her mother's knee with her skirt up, her white pantied bottom getting spanked by her mother. My Mom never mentioned anything about it, which was her style. I never got to play doctor with Wendy again but I do know that this is the point at which spanking became a huge turn-on for me. I guess it was because I was already excited and then I got to see Wendy getting spanked. Put the two together and spanking was imprinted into my mind. Since then I've been a fan of all kinds of spanking. I'm glad I found the EP so I could share my story. There are more that I'll share, too.
str88 str88
56-60, M
May 17, 2012