My 1st Bare Butt Spanking When I Was 7

When I was 7 I remember my 1st bare butt spanking. I was at the store and would not be good. My mom said "your in for a spanking when we get home." From before tht time most my spankings were over clothes and the # of smacks was my age. I kept running around at the store forgetting I had already been promised a spanking. My mom finally grabbed me and took me to the bathroom and smacked my butt 3 times and said "wait till we get home! Your not gonna be happy!!" i was mad and tears were in my eyes. I took bunch stuff outta the cart and threw it. My mom was not happy. She went straight to the check out line. She dragged me to the car and said "your in soo much trouble" when we got home she said "go straight to your room and wait for me NOW!!" I was a lil scared and do what she said. I started crying. She came up after 5 minutes . She said take ur pants and underwear off. I was confused. She said "you were really bad today and I dont wanna have to do this but you have to be punished. " she stood up and grabbe my arm and snaked my Bare butt. I cried out in pain and begged and kept moving . I wa on my 5 th spank when I took of running. She quickly grabbed me and bent me over her knee and spanked with her hand really hard for about 5 minutes. I was hysterically crying. Finally she made me go stand in the corner in my room. She shut my door and came back about 5 min later . Hugged and kissed me and said sorry. My butt was very sore for the rest of the day and stung a lot . But i deserved that spanking and now know not to mess around in the store.
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Great you got hugs and kisses afterward

why did she give you this spanking i not understand good the reason

Bc I was bein bad at the store

i think spanking must be exceptional only with hands never bare butt;my wife is pakistan christian her father a pastoor family 8 children she received only 2 spanking from her dad who explain the reason and give her the good way first time 8 years she treat a boy bastard in play ground christian school he obliged her to excuse to the boy and give her2 good smacks from father big hands on bum she have a pant she feel pain to seat one hour; second 9 years she strike her cousin marina who said her stupid , her cousin fall on ground dad, came asked explaination after he explain her both are wrong ask each excuses and kiss herselves and give each a spanking a small for her cousin who said bad words and a hard for betty, he asked her to came on his knees and said" present your bum to daddy i am sorry buti must give you strong spanking, he give 4 strong smacks on her buttocks she have a very light and fine pant so she feel pain, she cry rub her butt,go to bathroom put cold water to her sore bum, she feel pain 2 hours and her father give her a cushion to seat aqt lunch; after he never strike her

Lex222. Your story is just like I was when I was 7. I had temper tantrums and every time I had one my mom would warn me just like your mom did. and like you I was over my mom's knees bared bottom every-time and spanked long and hard then I had corner. Like your last statement . "i deserved that spanking." <br />
I was spanked in public when I acted in public.

Wow. I never really got spanked in public where Anyone could see. Only in bathroom like twice? I mostly had wait till I got home . Which I think is better ..