Spanked While Camping.

When I was 14, my dad and my friends, with their dads went on a camping trip. We all had a good time playing games and playing in the woods, and all is kids slept in a really big tent. We'll we were sleeping, when all of the sudden we heard a scream from our fathers tent. Here someone had put a fake snake in the ones sleeping bag, we were all told to come outside and asked whoever was to come forward. We didn't say anything, so they said we would all be punished. There were four of us, we all had to take off our shorts and one at a time go into the tent. I went first, when I got in my friends dad told me to go over his knee, he began spanking very hard and fast. I was crying after a few minutes. After about five mins had gone by, he picked me up, pulled down my underwear, and proceeded to strap me with his belt. My body was limp at this point, and some of the seats were with the buckle on my thighs. As I walked out of the tent, I was bruised and in so much pain. He did the same with the test. And the next day we all laid on our stomachs.
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Did you ever think, that one of your friend's dads played the prank, and got cold feet to admit it?

Funny. What age were yall and when you were standing outside in your underwear were you worried the spanking might be bare? Once the underwear came down did you pull them back up before you left out of the tnet or did you walk out of the tent after the spanking naked? How many licks each and how much crying and begging did each of you do? Who put the snake there, lol.

but stupid to strike so hurt

your father crazy that for a joke

It was my friends dad, and he had a fear of snakes.

All your stories seem slightly abusive I think your dad takes it too far

That was my friends dad.

You poor thing. Didn't seem fair, and kind of abusive...

They were all in the same tent, I guess it was in my friends dads bag, I live in ohio, but my dad spanked me too when we got home with the paddle. Yes, it hurt very much.

Your dad sounds like he is strict and being from midwest they did spank there a lot. Did mom or other siblings ever see you spanked sometimes too.

Yes mom does alot of the spankings, and I've seen my brothers and sisters spanked, and they've seen be as well.

If the pretend snake was in your fathers tent, why was it that your friends dad spanked you? why didn't your dad?<br />
It seems bad to get a belting for that, especially all of you and culprit never owned up.<br />
I think this was overboard for a playful camping prank, although maybe the adults didn't see the funny side, not sure where you live, I'm in UK so only have 1 poisonous snake but know in other countries there are more, so maybe they were angry and thought was irresponsible, even if just pretend one!<br />
A hand spanking was enough, and I dont even agree you should've gotten that.<br />
<br />
Having the buckle of the belt on your thighs was way out of order, no wonder you were in so much pain.