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Spanked By Miss Compton

I attended a boarding school for a short time aged 11yrs whilst my parents were overseas. It was primarily for boys but had 30 or so girls aged from about 9-13.

As I mentioned in ‘Caned in Front of the Class’ it was the cane in class and the slipper outside of school hours.

There were three ‘houses’ of boys and one of girls. Each house had a live- in housemaster and for the girls a housemistress a Miss Compton. My dorm was in the same building as the staff quarters as was the girls dorm which was a little way away but on the same floor. Our housemaster Mr Robertson was around 35, quite pleasant and fair in his dealings with us.

To assist in the daily routine outside school there was an ‘assistant matron’ for each of the houses. This was a girl of about 18-20. Some were waiting to go to university, for others it was their job and although called ‘matron’ they had no medical background at all. We had to address them as ‘Miss Jones’ and ‘Miss Smith’ and accord them a certain respect, which from a group of young boys was not unreasonable.

Rules after lights out were no talking and no getting out of bed except for the toilet. Mr Robertson was quite adept at silently approaching the dorm, catching us talking after lights out and then applying the slipper to our bare bottoms after pyjama trousers were taken down.

The occasion that I write about took place when Mr Robertson was on a weeks leave. The ‘assistant matron’ Miss Ryan I think was her name, had occupied Mr Robertson’s room and was to sleep over for the week and keep an eye on us boys at nights.

On the first night she caught a number of us talking and some reading under the covers with a torch. A warning was given that any repeat of this would result in a report to Miss Compton; the girls housemistress who also resided along the corridor and was the authority figure as Miss Ryan was not empowered to slipper us [unfortunately].

All was quiet for the next couple of nights until someone had the bright idea to turn on a transistor radio and listen to Radio Luxembourg, a little too loud and a little too long. Miss Ryan flew into the room switching the lights on and caught three of us out of bed sitting up on the broad window sill where a better reception could be had for the radio. Caught and the radio confiscated Miss Ryan promised that we would be reported to Miss Compton.

We discussed what would happen. Most likely was that we would we be slippered by one of the other housemasters the following morning. But there was a slim possibility that we would be dealt with by Miss Compton herself.

I was friends with one of the girls, Amy. Not exactly boy fiend/girl friend but we liked each other and spent some time together when possible. Having a fascination with spanking and the cane I had gleaned a little information about how Miss Compton disciplined the girls and after saying the slipper much to my delight she elaborated that if a girl warranted a spanking she would take her up to the girls dorm,put her across her knee and with knickers down applied the slipper ‘good and hard’ to her backside ‘but not as hard as my Dad’s leather strap’ I remember her saying. She added that she was strict with the girls and always seemed to be spanking someone.

Miss Compton was around early thirties, tallish and slim but no beauty. She had a sharp beak like nose that reminded one of caged birds. But what she lacked in facial appearance she made up for with a great figure. Even as an 11/12 year old boy I could see that she had great breasts and when wearing slacks as she did after school hours she showed a great figure and tight body. Contrary to what Amy had said she seemed to me quite pleasant and often joked with her charges and was not the austere school marm type I had been used to at junior school.

After Amy shared this snippet with me I saw Miss Compton in a different light. I imagined her with a girl over her knee, knickers at half mast,spanking away. In church on Sundays she sat with the girls in the front section across the way from where we boys and the masters sat. Again my thoughts went to ‘how many girls had she spanked this week? I almost wanted to be spanked by her and could not explain or shake off this erotic, exciting feeling when I glanced across at her as we all stood to sing the hymns.

At the house assembly the next morning Miss Compton announced that the following three boys were to report to her room after school. We had to wait all day for the outcome but clearly we were to be thrashed and probably by her as she could have sent us to one of the other two housemasters to be beaten by then.

Up until then the only women to spank me over the knee was my mother and on one occasion a neighbour. I had had a few whacks with the slipper in class at junior school but not the ceremonious and intimate taking down of pants and trousers and being put across the knee for a spanking which I could see was coming my way and which thrilled me.

At 4.30 we arrived at Miss Compton’s room to find Miss Ryan waiting outside. She said that we had better wait as Miss Compton was giving one of the girls a hiding. I asked what for and she said that she swore at a member of staff. We then heard the unmistakable sound of a girl being spanked. A slipper whacking across a bare bottom coupled with the yells and cries. Shortly after it finished a girl of about 12 came out streaming tears, clutching her backside and obviously embarrassed to see us three boys waiting there. She made great haste along the corridor without making eye contact with any of us.

Miss Ryan ushered us into the room where Miss Compton was sitting in an armchair examining the radio. On a table close by was the large slipper that she had just used on the girl. She motioned to Miss Ryan to stay and close the door. She then looked us three boys up and down as we stood to virtual attention in front of her. She said that there was not much to say other than we were all aware that it was strictly against the school rules to both be out of bed and have a radio on after lights out. She had decided to deal with us herself in the absence of Mr Robertson and she was going to spank the three of us now.

My first instant thoughts were how was she going to do it and who would watch. My stomach turned over with butterflies as my previous fantasies were about to become reality.

The question was answered as Miss Compton told two of us and Miss Ryan to wait outside. Enfield was told to remain as she got up, picked up the slipper and moved to the upright chair and sat down. The door was shut and after less than a minute we heard the thwak of the slipper as it landed across Enfield’s bare bum. Thwak this time he started to yelp and she quickened her pace. Thwak,Thwak it carried on as he cried out during the spanking and I counted a total of twenty whacks.

It stopped. He came out in tears and just like the girl rubbing his backside. Miss Ryan told me to go in. My knees were weak as I moved to the door and entered.

She seemed impatient and ordered me to be quick as I walked the few steps to her. She started to undo the snake clasp belt on my trousers and pulled them down to the ground followed by my Y front underpants to my knees. I remember I starting to get hard as she ordered me over her knee. I placed myself over just like at home when my father thrashed me. I grasped the lower bar of the chair. She took one of my hands and pinned it in the small of my back to stop any attempt from me to bring my hand around during the slippering; she was well versed at this art just like Amy had testified.

I had been caned in school a few days before by Mr Blackman and on seeing the four clear tramlines across my bare backside she made some comment about me clearly being a boy who was always in trouble and needed discipline.

In the few seconds before she started I lay across her knee with my pants and trousers down feeling aroused, humiliated and vulnerable then she brought the slipper down across my bare bottom with great force. It surprised me as I had been slippered by Mr Robertson in a similar way and it hurt a lot but to my surprise this was just as bad. Thwak,Thwak,Thwak. I thought I would show her what a big man I was and take this hiding stoically by not yelling or crying like the girls.

All was in vain after about six or seven strokes I was crying and as it continued I started to giving out yelps after each stroke and kicking my legs around a bit like all boys do whilst being spanked hard. I lost count but I presume I got the same twenty hard whacks as Enfield. She told me to stand up and pull up my trousers and pants and wait outside.

I was openly crying as I joined Enfield and Miss Ryan in the corridor. He had regained some composure and Miss Ryan just said something to me like I know what it’s like. I was too distressed to make conversation with the person who had engineered this thrashing for us but maybe I should have given her comment. My backside was on fire as I stood there trying to rub the sting out.

The door closed behind Peters and the same procedure ensued. Thwak,Thwak he was not so brave and was crying and yelling from the start. After his beating had finished she called us back into the room and putting the slipper back in a drawer told us that the matter was now closed but we would all be on ‘early bed’ that night and to cut along to tea.

We went straight to the dorm and took down trousers and pants to check each others’ damage. My backside was a scarlet red with the marks of the edge of the slipper vivid. Miss Ryan came back into the room and told us to all turn around. She looked at our freshly slippered bums and making some crask comment left.

I couldn't’t eat much at tea but Amy made her way over to me afterwards and wanted to know the details. I recounted what had happened along with that everything she had said about Miss Compton was true. She replied she knew first hand -three times.

As I lay in bed that night I rubbed my backside that was still stinging and hot. I got hard just thinking of the whole incident. It kept me going for weeks afterwards. No years.
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Well I went to a Catholic school in th 70s and casings and slipperings were standard up to the age of 16. There were a number of nuns there and they were not shy of putting boys over their knees as well as girls. I'm glad I read your story cos people don't believe me when I relate some stuff from those days. I think like alot f boys, between the age of 11 and 14 we're my rebellious years. Boy did I take some thrashings during that time. Ofcourse punishment at school always resulted in aanother tanning at home. I seemed to permanently have a striped and sore bottom. There was a male teacher Mr Davis who generally caned the boys and any of the nuns caned the girls, usually sister martina. Teachers also had the power to either spank or use the strap in class. It wasn't unusual for a boy to be strapped in class whilst bending over. This was normally over the trousers but it wasn't unusual for the boys trousers and pants to be taken down. Bad news with girls in the class, the older you were the more embarrassing it was! That seemed to happen to me more than anyone else cos I was pretty badly behaved. The first time I was 11 and I he'd been drawing on my desk, so Mrs. Da Costa pulled me out the front of the class. My punishments at school up till then had always taken place in private, so I was horrified when she pulled a chair out and hauled me over her knee. She spanked me over my school shorts pretty hard and it hurt even though I had protection. Ofcourse it was very embarrassing. A letter reached home detailing the damage I had done to the desk and I was in trouble again. I pleaded I had already been spanked at school but my dad knew that my bottom had not been bare so he rectified that by slippering my bare butt over his knee. A year later I was over Mrs. Da Costas knee again in front of the class and this time she spanked me with my trousers and pants down. Much to everyones delight. Many girls were spanked in front of the class too. But I never saw a girl get it bare until I was up before sister martina in her office. Mr Davis was unavailable so I got sent to her. I was 14. When I got there and was ushered inside, two girls were there for desperate offences. They were both a couple of years younger than me. By this time I was so badly behaved all of my punishments were administered bare. I went first and I was quite shocked that the two waiting girls were inter corner rather than outside. I was made to drop my trousers and underwear. I felt quite embarrassed, me here with a nun and two young girls. I bent over the desk, and for a moment I was aroused at this situation, and that led to my **** doubling in size briefly. Then, sister martina caned my bare bottom. Very thoroughly. She laid on about 20, and I yelped loudly after about the sixth, and ended up bucking and shrieking. That put paid to my hard on. I pulled my trousers up and went and stood in the corner. Then I watched two 12 year old ggirls have their skirts flipped up and their panties taken down and then their bare bbottoms were thrashed in turn, I think thy got 12 each. I enjoyed the spectacle and I had a hard on again. That evening, my bare, striped and bruised bottom was presented to my dad over his knee and he slippered me dark crimson, so dark by the time he'd finished you couldn't see the stripes any more.predictably, the second thrashing in the space of a couple of hours produced a high pitched banshee wailing noise from me.... Enough to wake the dead!

Really horny!

Very well written story.


Do you get turned on now thinking and writing about it?

it was many time many pain it was in uk

Cracking story!