Did He Hate To Or Didn't He?

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, even slightly, that I was spanked a good deal growing up. My stepfather entered my life when I was ten and within a couple of weeks of the wedding I was over his knee getting my bare little bottom blistered with a hairbrush. (I suspected it was only good manners that made him wait THAT long. You can't really spank a kid properly until you've had a chance to get to know him, or give him enough rope to hang himself.) After that first licking, spankings became routine components of the growing up process for me. (Or at least as routine as having your bare rear end set on fire can ever become.) The basic ritual never varied. When I turned thirteen I started getting the belt most of the time instead of the hairbrush. But the basic principle remained the same. There were certain words and phrases (pronounced with terrible emphasis and pronounced vocal enthusiasm) that I tended to hear right before a spanking was administered. Such as:

"Young man, when I get you home I'm going to TEAR YOUR BUTT up good!"

"Boy, when I'm finished with you, your rear end is going to be SEVEN SHADES OF RED!"

"Son, I intend to BLISTER your bare bottom till you won't be able to sit down FOR A WHOLE WEEK!"

or my personal favorite:

"You have been CRUISING FOR A BRUISING for some time now youngster and YOUR SHIP HAS JUST COME INTO PORT!"

(My stepfather was ex-navy.)

Now, phrases like these suggested that my stepfather was looking forward (avidly) to the experience of having me over his knee and inflicting considerable pain on the bare behind presented to him there. Nevertheless, as soon as I was bare bottomed and in position for an enthusiastic hiding, his tone would change and I heard words like the following, expressed in a tone of voice that sounded quite sincere:

"I hate to do this, son, but it is FOR YOUR OWN GOOD."

"I wish I didn't have to give you this licking boy but if I don't YOU'LL NEVER LEARN!"

"I was hoping after the last time I spanked your bottom, I wouldn't have to do it again so soon, but YOU'VE GIVEN ME NO OTHER CHOICE!"

(I could have come up with a few other choices, but under the circumstances thought it best to keep them to myself.)

It sounded as if I was FORCING my stepfather to do something he HATED to do, and that he was ONLY doing under duress. You would almost swear I had BEGGED and PLEADED with my stepfather to put me over his knee and whale the tar out of my naked posterior. (I hadn't, I assure you.)

Nevertheless, despite his OBVIOUS reluctance and SERIOUS reservations, once my stepfather had made it clear how much he HATED doing what he was about to do, he proceeded to TEAR UP and BLISTER the bare behind across his lap (mine) until it was SEVEN SHADES OF RED and I could not SIT DOWN FOR A WEEK. And he NEVER failed to do so with what felt (to me at least) like REAL enthusiasm.

I never figured it out. Did my stepfather LOVE spanking me or did he HATE it? I suspect I know the real answer. But I never told HIM. Because if I had he would have put me over his knee and TORE ME UP again. Despite how much he HATED doing it of course.

De Nile ain't just a river .....

Well, you know the rest.
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I love this recollection. People repeat those they heard as kids so I think your stepfather probably got his fair share of spankings too. I think that you made his day every time he "had" to tear your butt up.

I think you are right.

so do you think he liked it ?