First Time In Front Of Someone. (Who wasn't about to be/already been spanked!)

I was about 13 years old and I was at the movie theater, and after the movie finished, I got out of the room before anyone else. Instead of waiting for my mom like anyone else would, I thought it would be fun to just aimlessly wander the building. I was walking around for what must've been 10, 15 minutes, then I hear my mother calling my name, so I followed the sound of her voice. Dodging crowds and waves of people I found her, she gave be a big hug and as she took her arms off of me, gave me 2 swats on each cheek with her hand. She started to drag me out of the theater. When we got in the car finally, she said that that was only the beginning, and the real spanking started when we got home. The trip home felt like an eternity, one of the worst parts of the spanking is knowing you're going to be spanked, and having to wait, knowing that nothing in your power can save you. When we finally arrived home, I was told to go up to my room and wait for my mom, so I was up in my room for about 30 minutes until my mom came walking in. She told me to come over to her, so I walked up to her and she said, "I'm going to have to give you a spanking, do you understand why?" And I had answered yes. She then sat down on my bed, grabbed me by the arm, and put me over her knee, lifted up my dress, and pulled down my panties. She then started to spank me with her hand... after about 60 spanks, and what seemed like an eternity, she stopped and said that I'd get the rest when my dad got home, and I was to wait in "naughty corner" (I had younger siblings, when they were bad, they had to wait in the living room corner) without talking, moving, or rubbing my oh so sore bottom. So there I was, sitting in my living room corner, where everyone was watching TV... that added to the embarrassment... I placed my hand on my warm bottom, and my mom came and gave me about 5 more swats on my butt because she thought I was rubbing it. When my dad finally got home, he was already stressed from work, and this set him over the edge, he found about what I had done, and he went into the kitchen, and came out with the wooden spoon, I started to head upstairs to my room, but he stopped me. I didn't want to be spanked in the living room in front of everyone, not bare-bottom at least, and I was pleading with him to at least let me have it on my panties, but he stood up, grabbed my by the arm, and pulled me over his knee. My bottom was already sore and red from my mother's spankings, and this time, I was being spanked in the LIVING ROOM? In front of everyone, my Mom, my two brothers and sister?! That was unheard of! Then my dad started spanking me. It started off soft and got harder as it went along, although it's not like it mattered 'cause I was already sore, and he was alternating from left to right. Pretty soon, it felt like a dragon had been blowing fire on my butt, and I wanted nothing more than to get away... after about another 15 slaps, he was done. I lifted me off of his knee, and then gave me two final swats on my butt, one on each cheek, something my parents always did when they were done spanking me. He asked me if I was okay, and I said yes. He then said that he only did that because he loves me and that if I were to do that again, I'd know what to expect. He then gave me a huge hug and then I was aloud to go back up into my room. I just laid on my bed for the rest of the night, not even bothering to get dressed again... I was too sore to move.. but I learned my lesson and never thought about running off again.

I tried to make it short, but it wasn't. Thank you for reading.
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although I am not against Spanking a child, taking the belt to you for having an erection takes things to far. every one knows boy cant control their dicks. I had a similar spanking by my partner a handball paddle is extremely painfull

Thanks for the well told memory! You mentioned all the parts about my spankings that stick in my mind....the dreadful waiting, the helpelessness of knowing a spanking is coming no matter what and the LONG hand spanking followed by humiliating "real" spanking in front of family!

Wait.... If someone beats the living Hell out of you it's cause they love you?...... I'm starting to remember why I said **** logic ages ago..

I was 12 when mom toasted my butt with a paddle in front of my sister's and her gf totally naked in the kitchen, mom sat in a chair, held me by my neck and gave me 20 whacks with a wood handball paddle, the pain was unbearable, it shot thru my whole body, and when i stood up, and mom saw i had an erection, mom said ah you must like it..huh and went and got the belt and gave me 15 more lashes across my legs, back and *** until my **** went down and was crying hysterically, while my audience giggled, 1 hour of corner time, still nude in the kitchen

wtf is wrong with parents. My parents used to spank me, but later got antidepressants and stopped. This **** just makes me want to go out and flat out murder every ****** parent i have ever come acrossed. This and the main story are pure abuse, holy ****. They may say bullshit like "we do it because we love you" but what they really mean is that they are twisted pshycotic ***** who get off on inflicting pain on others. If you read this and your a parent who raised a child in the early 90s or earlier, your generation sucks at raising kids. you guys really ****** up.

oh my god how much time pain to sit down

Cool story

cool story message me if u wanna talk :]

Well young lady u sure needed that spanking for that i would spank u too !

please i am begging you to tell a teacher at your school, hell even a neighbor that is full out child abuse! even though some families may think that is okay it is not! you HAVE to tell someone! please it could save your life and sanity. i hope you are okay :) put some ice on your butt and think of who wand what to tell.

Lol this was many years ago, too late now.

I hated living room spankings, too! My mom sometimes gave me the hairbrush on my bare hiney right in front of my brother, sister, grandma, cousins, etc.

Interesting story how embarrassing thanks for telling us about it.