Spanked By Boyfriend Dad

Me and my boyfriend at the time were both 16. I drove to his house with only a drivers permit. My parents were not home when I left. I thought I could come back in time. While me and my boyfriend were kissing his dad came home. And ask if I got my lisend. I said yes. He asked to see it . I was like umm I left it at home. He said your mom called and asked if you were here. You lied to me. Your parents will be here an about an hour and told me to give you a spanking because they are to upset. I started begging please no!! No ! My boyfriend tried to help me out but his dad wasn't hearing it. So then he told me to bend over the couch. My boyfriend still begging his dad not too. His dad takes his belt off folds it and whack! Whack! Whack! Don't do that to your parents what were you thinking? Whack,whack, whack! Get up. I was in serious pain and crying. Boyfriend just sat there held my hand afterwards. Then my parents came and the next day when they were calm about it I got another one from my dad . With his paddle .
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Do your parents still paddle you hun

You definitely deserved that spankings. What craziness have passed your head driving without a license and lying about it? I would be a bad father if not disciplining my child or my friends child for doing such a thing that could have seriously ended harming others.

I really don't know what I was thinking.

especially teen girls can get really out of reasonable acting according my experience. boys also have some overreacting at times if they are in teens. but what you did sounds very girlish and i really think a good spanking to bring you back on earth was the right indication.

Sounds like you deserved what you got. Do you have yahoo messenger? If so we can talk about spankings, my yahoo screen name is windpower456. It's up to you if you want to talk about spankings.

No Im not sorry

I would like to invite you into my circle... my name is William and I am 59 and in the UK... my lady friends call me Sir or Daddy... its their choice... and I am very strict with them. I enjoy role-play here via ep mail...

If you are likeminded then I will be pleased to hear from you.

Niceeee I guess you got what you deserved could have been worse i guess though

sounds like u got what u deserved for sure :)

Does his dad spank you a lot ?

No that was only a one time thing. And that was years ago.

Wow. Was it weird to go to your boyfriends house after that?


I'm sorry that happend to you

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