Not Much Of A Story But Some Fairly Bad Memories!

I can say yes to being spanked a few times inmy childhood. There was not much of a warning but the effects of it were not just painful but it left some mental scars than run far deeper than the physical abuse ever did. I do remember one episode in particular. I was fond of reading magazines about horses as girl.Anything to do with horses had my keen interrest for a while and one day I was caught reading about horses in one of my magazines my father went balistic. I was spanked very hard and put to bed without supper. I remember my fathers fury and it scared me more than the beating itself which was humiliating as well as painful.Since that day I never realy put any trust in him again. Not that I don´t love him because I do however trust and respect has to be earned and sadly I don´t forget such cruelty. We can rightly ask ourselves what kind of effect it has on our lives as such. I have since been a bit obsessed with justice but also defending the victims of cruelty. Not as an ocupation but when I see cruelty to animals and children I do intefer. I have never been scared of pain but more of the effects a beating might have on a child as my own experiences have taught me.Therefore I can´t for the life of me understand why someone would take any kind of pleasure of being beaten or otherwise abused. The fascination these stories have on us is not just to reawaken our own memories but there is the suffering of the victim as well as the thrill of knowing what happend. Why I have no idea I think it is something humans have a certain fascination with and always will have for some obscure reason.Just thought I would share this.
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its true even though we wont admit it we like gore and violence

i have 20 horses they can be healing my family has a clinic for childrent that have been raped and beaten or are in foster care were they can be with horses learn how to ride and there is something about the big gental creatures that seem to heal pain

It was a bad experience but I moved on as one must. I learnt two things never to trust my father explictly again and to keep secrets both my own and that of others. I see this kind of action as betryal of trust as well as abuse.I defend those who can´t defend themselves. Violence is something I find both disturbing as well as loosing your rights as a person. Violence such as a spanking has a very negative effect on those who have been subjected to it. There is an old saying that says it all namely Violence begets violence. It is a viscious circel that can only be broken when we are aware of it and mind you brave enough to speak against it and above all else stay calm and then take it from there. I have chosen to speak for those without a voice of their own most likely due to the fact that this personal experience had the effect on me to abhor violence of any kind and to speak out against it.So in a sense I turned it into a cause in life and the life I have because of that is a happy one filled to the rim with blessings.I am no Saint however the least I can do is to speak for those who can´t speak for themselves and to help those who are helpless.It has made me a much stronger person than I ever thought possibel.Thanks for your comments all of you.

We are all different - I am sorry it was so bad for you :(

When I was 8 years old, I burned the feathers off a chicken while it was roosting, using a sparkler from the 4th of July.

When we got home my mom thoroughly warmed my bare hiney with the hairbrush. It felt like my hiney was on fire. She taught me a lesson about cruelty to animals that I never forgot.

WE each respond to
circumstances & situations
mostly through the light revealed
by our childhood events & circumstances.

AM TOUCHED with your story
and Salute the power of COMPASSION
in you, toward less fortunate BEINGS... ♥

I can certainly understand the bewildering and hurtful impact this ridiculous spanking had on you and I am at a loss to understand why a parent would treat a child like this. I am just thankful that you have been able to put this painful experience to a good purpose ie to advocate against child and animal cruelty. Thank you for sharing this story; I agree with you totally - the appeal of gratuitous violence is a mystery to me as well.