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Spanked By Mum Again

I have had a funny day. I’ve got a new girlfriend called becca, her real name is Rebecca but she don’t like it, she came to footie practice today to watch me after school and I really liked having her supporting me. I have been picked for the school team playing another local school tomorrow and becca is going to come and watch then we are going into town. I am hoping to buy her a macdonalds if I can raise the money.

About ten minutes ago I got spanked by mum with her hairbrush because my sister started a war with me. I hid her phone and she found it and I got punished when I got home, the alternative was being grounded and missing out on the weekend and my first outing with becca. I opted for the hairbrush and got swatted on my pants. Mum was ready for work and didn’t have a lot of time, she is a receptionist at a big hotel near us and has to wear a neat outfit so she didn’t want it creasing up so I was only over her knee for just a minute or so. I think she might be feeling I was innocent but I still got the spanking.

It always hurts, pants or no pants but its done now so I reckon it was a result. My sister Sarah is not happy I got off so light so its probably not the end of it. I’ve got to sit with her until bedtime, not allowed to be in my room so going to get changed into my pyjamas and face up to her. Taking my netbook to do my school project. The sting is already wearing off so looking forward to tomorrow. Jack
BoyJack BoyJack 13-15, M 3 Responses Nov 16, 2012

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Hi BoyJack I have some ideas for you but because of your age you have to contact me first thanks.

Well that's to bad you got spanked but why would your sister not be happy. What does she what you get get the belt or something worse.?

she thinks i shud have got it longer and with my pants down.

Oh really did she say that to your mom.?

like about ten times, then she sniggers when i get it.

so come talk to me . And did your Sis suggest to your mom why don't you pull down his pants. And Jack try to be good that way your sister will not win by seeing you get spanked

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You got lucky that your mom did not pull down your pants and underwear.

Im not always that lucky, she was in a hurry, next time she will probably make up for it tho and give it to me harder next time.