My Last Bare Bottomed Spanking!

Went for coffee at my sisters yesterday and we got reminiscing about things and both of us remember this particular spanking. It was years ago yet we recalled it as if it were yesterday although the memory of the heat in my bottom was like it had just happened! We had a great laugh about it though and she almost wet herself at my ‘accident’ which she had no idea about until now.

One of my worst spankings was at age 13, my sister Ria was 14 then and we both got into make-up and going out so schoolwork got left. At half term we get an exam and both of us fell into the bottom third of the class even though we were in different years and Dad went ape! He got our reports in the post before we went off to school so we got lectured before he went to work with the promise of a good spanking after we got back.

We went to a private school and it cost him a fortune so he was pretty unimpressed by our lack of progress, but because we had done well up to then he knew it was solely down to us and we were going to pay for it. We talked about it all the way to school, during lunch and then all the way back home knowing what was coming, would it be the slipper or would it just be a hand spank, knickers up or down, how long, how hard? Every permutation crossed our minds. Would we be allowed to change out of our uniforms or if dad wasn’t back from work could we get into jeans and t-shirt, we both hated getting spanked in our school stuff.

The answers soon came, thick and fast. Dad was home first and waiting for us with mum sitting perched on a stool to oversee things. We tried the apologies and promises to do much better but that was hopeless and we knew it would be, but you have to try it anyway!

Dad sent us off to our rooms to fetch one of our bedslippers so that answered one question and no, we had to be back in thirty seconds so no time to change so there we were standing in front of dad who sat on the arm of our sofa, a favourite place of his when giving us a spanking. Both of us clutched our little slippers in front of us while we got the reasons for our punishment and why it was going to be harsh. Ria started to cry which was unusual for her, maybe because she had all day to think about it and now it was here it was too much for her. She handed dad her slipper then he pulled her around to his side and bent her over his knee whipped up her skirt and swatted her on her knickers about a dozen times. She was howling like a baby when she got up.

My turn had come way too quickly and I handed over my slipper and over I went, always amazed at how easily he upended me, my skirt went up and my slipper bounced off my knickers. I was back on my feet in no time and rubbing eagerly on the two hot spots he had left on my bottom.

We both knew that couldn’t be the end of it and dad crooked his finger at Ria who stepped forward nervously. His hands vanished up her skirt and reappeared seconds later with her knickers, twanging them around her knees she went back over, skirt up and bare bottomed. His hand is massive and her backside went from red to claret in less than a minute, her legs waving around in mid air like a swimmer. Ria scrambled off his knee and danced like mad with both hands around her back and I suddenly leaked into my knickers, not a lot but enough for dad to see I had wet my pants.

Whether he saw that or not he whizzed them down and swept me off my feet, his hand warming my already hot bum for what seemed like ages. I think that was probably the last time he took our knickers down for it, not the last spankings though, that was at about 15 or so.

You can guess, we both ended up in the top third of class by the term end so he knew how to motivate us, we still did the make-up and dressing up thing, girls will be girls!
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Naughty girl, he probably should have bared you, would love an add and to chat?

I Know this is an old post but i have just seen it very well deserved wish i had that kind of motivation when younger to study harder at school

You needed it!

Sounds like you deserved it

I recall tinkling while over Mom's lap. She heated my bottom with the fly swatter that day. That was a great meat tenderizer!


Hi Nicola, I'm not surprised that this memory has stayed with you, you recount it very well. Thanks. Having read that, I wondered whether, if i'd been your father and had seen you wet yourself that I would have been able to carry on and spank you. I understand that he most likely felt that it would be the fairest thing but i would find that difficult. I'm not anti-spanking myself but I certainly fall on the more moderate side of that fence.

interesting story, would love to be added and chat sometime please?

If your naughty then u deserve to have a panties down experience end of

Your dad couldn't waist a chance to spank your bare bottom.

So as you become a mom would you recommend the same for your daughters??? Are you a mom? daughters???

Good story. Do you believe that your parents loved you, even though they spanked you? AND Do you believe you are scarred for life because of spankings?

Will like to chat but can't nessagecyou

Nothing works better than a good bare bottom spanking to change a teenagers mindset. Once its been done you only have to give a warning or threat of another to gain good behaviour. No need for belts ,canes or straps. Just a firm spanking by hand is all thats needed.

That's cute read lol

I was spanked quite a bit when I was a kid, always hard, always with implements instead of the hand, and always across the bare bottom until I cried....

What a great account. I got swatted -- really hard -- by the principal when I was in 8th grade. He used a board about 18" long with a bunch of holes in it. It hurt terribly. All the more because it was for snow offense I had not committed. I put my hands up to keep another boy's fists from hitting me in the face, and the principal said I was fighting. Imagine being arrested for being mugged.
I like your story way better. I think your day was a bit too harsh, but that's just me.

"snow" was supposed to be "an," but my spellchecker took a different position.

And "day" was supposed to be "dad." Good place to toss in an "arggh," I think.

please add me for real stories and videos.

how much time feel pain

I prefer your story to others. You don't overly-describe it, but you don't leave
out too much. Nice balance!

Exactly what I thought.

Obviously the redness of your bum paid off...

Nice story and a reminder that spankings can really modify behavior..

A neighbor of mine responded differently. He suffered frequent spankings and became a hitman, was arrested for knifing somebody, and sent to prison.

my sister and me had to do home work together at the table and mum checked it after to see if we had done it and when we got our report sheets i always hated walking home with it she would sit at the table and read it we had to stand and wait for her to drop our pants and then spank the daylights out of out bums

nice story

Great writing! I know that feeling of watching my sister get spanked when I'm next, so scared I "leak" into my panties!



How that story takes me back! My sister and I and my brother were hardly ever spanked although we were all to be found, at one time or another, across Mum or Dad's knee and yes, the slipper was the item most usually used.

A firm hand can make quite an impression. Any other punishments now that you are older?

Nice story with great details.

Very well written story. I was moved by the part where you had to get your slipper to be spanked with. Very cute sisters, and seems like you've turned out to be good people. Very intelligent as well.

Thanks for sharing the spanking caused you both to improve

it must be painfull but i understand your dad

his intentions were good... and it worked so...

Great that it worked as a motivation for you to do better in school. I don't have a daughter, but I too would love to spank her just to get her motivated :-)

Spankings hurt soo much

I do not believe in spanking simply for poor grades, but sometimes nothing else motivates one to study like a good spanking. I'm sure you and Ria hated it at the time but the flames lit on your bottoms helped to spark the motivation you needed to focus on your schoolwork.

well it worked cos our grades went right up after that

Yes. What matters most is that it worked and you are okay with it now.

Bare bottom is the best motivator.

Cute story though I am sure very stingy and embarrassing at the time. And having to wait and watch your big sister wag her bare bottom must have really sucked.

waiting was always the hard bit, you dont have much time to think when you are bent over getting it, stingy yes, embarrassing well maybe a little.

The good old days, Makes you wonder how we can still sit today?

Oh my, I used to get for that also. The trouble is still get it from mom when she thinks I need and thats to often.

strong punition for no good studing painfull after you studies better

Interesting Story

Owe! Spanked over a bare backside after the slipper ? Your dad was not very happy about your grades. My dad generally did not punish or spank over grades unless he knew we were not trying. And I learned the hard way one day as did my brother on a couple of occasions for just that reason. Sounds like your dad was not going to stand for any further bad grades. I have never reminisced about being spanked with either of my brothers, I would feel way too embarrassed. At least you and your sister could have a good laugh about it. I am sure as heck it wasn't funny at the time though. I never had an accident before or during a spanking. Def sounds like a nasty spanking though, can't imagine a full second spanking after just finishing one. Talk about a sore bottom... :-(

As you said, dad knew we weren't trying very hard. We do have a good laugh about it now but shed loads of tears together whilst inspecting each others bottoms as little girls. Never talk to dad about it tho' he would probably be embarrassed now.

Yeah, I'm glad you can laugh about it with her and you had someone to cry about it with, you have somone who can really relate. I'd NEVER talk to my dad about my spankings, talk about embarrassing, LOL!