With A Paddle

My dad was a welder growing up and he made his own paddles out of this rubber stuff. One story I have is me and this girl on the bus didnt hey along we hated each other. So one day I prank called her house said called her a bitc# and other mean stuff that a 12 year old knows better not to say. Well I made the mistake in telling her who called. And about 30 mins after I hung up her mom pulled in the driveway!! She knew my mom thru friends so she knew where I lived. She told my parents what happen. The fighting and the phone call. My dad said it will never happen again made me say sorry and sent me to his room. Not a good sign. In 5 mins he came in and said you know better then that there's no excuse and so on. Then had me remove my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Then had me bend over the bed and he got the rubber paddle out it had holes put in it. It was 18 inchs long 1/2 thick about 3 or 4 inches wides. He started whack! Whack! Whack! He gave 15. And when I got on the bus the next day had to say I was sorry. And if I was to make a prank phone call or fight again he said it would be worse. It stung all night.
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That was severe and hope it made impression on you.
For similar incidents i have paddled and caned

I agree, you got what you deserved.

A really well deserved spanking. I would have given you at least 15. Did you behave for a time afterwards?

sounds like you got what you deserved....sorry:(

I wouldn\'t agree with you at the time.But now I know that I deserve it.

My profile says I am a 30 yr old. This happen when I was 12.

Hahahahaha. Hope it stung I would of beat your butt bare with a belt the first time + I own a 5 yr. Old a 8 yr. And a 11 yr.old. I wish u were my kid so I could use a belt on u

And its stings worst then a belt.

Didn't do it a second time.

wow. That had to hurt