Flip Over, Now

This is one of my spanking experiences, not the worst, though.

I was 13 at the time, lying on my bed, reading a good book. The sunlight filtered through the blinds of my window, and I felt deeply content.

My mom, out of no where, materializes in front of me. (Looking back, she took the stairs, but that's how it felt)

She started taking out clothes from the hamper in my room and putting them in the laundry basket by her feet. Mom saw me and smiled. I smiled back and continued reading.

"Abigail, why are there stains in you shirt?" Her eyes narrowed.

I was still wearing my uniform, purple, green, and orange stains enchanted my boring white shirt. We were finger painting in art class that day.



I cringed, her voice was so loud and annoying. My legs wobbled and my stomach churned as I tentatively walked over to her.

She looked thoughtful for a second. "Actually, lie on the bed, I'll be back in a minute."

She left the room, and I legit thought of escaping my room. I surveyed my room, considering my options. That window or the other one, I debated. Clip-clop clip-clop, I heard mom march up the stairs. I threw myself onto the bed, commanding my heart rate to lower.

"You're getting 300 whippings, maybe that will teach you to be thankful for your clothes, and respect me!" She hollered. "Now take of ALL your clothes and lie on your belly!"

I disobeyed, lying flat on my back. Mom whisked the belt out from the closures on her jeans.

"You want me to whip you on your stomach? FINE!"

She let hell loose, and onto my soft, sensitive belly. I admit it, I screamed as if I were about to get raped. She jerked my head into the matress, slightly muffling my screams.

I turned over, and instead of the belt hitting my butt, as usual, it hit my back. She repeated, the leather devouring my flesh. I will try to make you visualize the scene:

Me, 13 years old, 4 ft 11, lying on my rumpled bed, a bawling mess, back and butt exposed. An adult, my mother, 5 ft 7, brandishing a green, alligator skin belt. However she desires to mark my back, I have to go with it.

I restrain my sobs by biting a pillow, I've learned not to scream a lot. She continued, I didn't keep track of the counting...300...THWACK!! She mopped wear from her forehead with her shirt, "whew".

"Stand for 30 minutes, I better not see you touch you back, butt, or belly."

I didn't touch my butt until she left to go to the bathroom, I proceeded to vigorously rub my bottom. No help, it still flamed.

I stalked over the the mirror in my room, twisting around to see my back and butt. Welted, bruised, raging red, a deep sincere blue, slashed across everywhere.

It reminded me of something my friend painted in art today; he used black, red, blue, and purple paint and blended them together. My butt, right there.

I cried and returned to the corner, and my mom returned a minute later.

I could've worn a smock to prevent stains, yes. But getting a spanking was not the equivalent to a stained shirt, I had thought.

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She should have been arrested and you should have been placed in a nice home with loving parents who would have adopted you. My profound sympathies. It was not your fault.

Omg I'm soo sorry

I am sorry that happened to you dear. That is more than just a spanking. Hugs

Thank you.