"special Program 2"

With my still very sore bottom, and Shayna's constant reminder in my head, I shamefully headed out, yet again, to another party. This time it seemed like everyone on the whole campus was there. Freshmans, juniors, sophomores, and seniors+. We were all having a good time,partying,drinking, and laughing it up when a very handsome guy that I had seen a couple times around campus( mind you we have a very small campus)comes up to me. He does a lot of sweet talking, and by that time I'm half listening cause in drunk and he basically just says come with me. So, I naturally go with him, and he takes me to the basement, in a private little room. He starts to get a little intamite, when this girl busts into the room. She says " ZACK! HOW DARE YOU! I' VE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER THE PLACE FOR YOU!" He starts to get up to explain, but she dosent want to hear it. Next, she asks me " Are you a part of the Sorority Sisters? I am friends with one of them that says they are looking for you. She yanks both of us by the ear, and drags us out of the party, and near the Sorority Sisters. I pray all the way there that she dosent know Shyana, and that I will be able to go to sleep that night my already semi- sore bottom. As we arrive, and go to my room and open the door , my heart drops to the floor. Shayna is sitting there, staring right at me, with a hairbrush, paddle, and a strap next to her. Shayna and her friend quickly exchange words, and now it is just me and Shayna. I can tell that she was crying previously and is very upset. After a couple minutes of silence Shayna gets up and yells " NONE OF MY YEARS HERE AT SORORITY SISTERS, I HAVE HAD TO TAKE A PUNISHMENT BECAUSE OF MY FOOLISH SISTERS ACTIONS!!!" She calms down for a minute and then says " I had my ******* *** tore up tonight by my advisor because of your mistakes, and I will have to get my second spanking tonight after I THOROUGHLY BEAT EVERY INCH OF YOUR ***!" I am shocked, as Shayna tells me to get over her lap, and she immediately pulls down all my clothing/protection and starts to whip my butt till it went numb. After a while, my years became into loud sobbing hollers to get her to stop. Eventually she does, tells me to get off her lap and face the wall. When I am there she says " Since you have caused me such trouble, you will revive this EVERY night, until I see a constant and steady change in your behavior young lady, I guess your tears mean nothing since I beat your *** two days ago and you were bawling like the little baby that you are!" I sadly nod my head, too baffled to speak, and as I see her going out the door I notice a little tear running down her face, because sadly because of me, Shayna has a lot more coming.
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