"special Program 3"

So I came back every two days to see Shayna for the most part. She had explained to me how she was severely spanked the other night, because the head girl thought that she didn't do enough to try and prevent my behavior. I definetly didn't go out to parties or drink because I was sure that if Shayna even got a hunch that I was going to do something like that, she would beat the **** out of my ***. My friend Gia was going on a weekend jaunt to Chicago. She said she didn't have anyone to go with her, so she wanted me to come. This was the weekend before finals, so I knew I had to study, but those thoughts were pushed to the back of my mind. All I was thinking about was my fun trip to Chicago. I never thought about telling anyone, because I was too excited and busy getting ready. On the Friday night that we had left, Shayna had called me at 9:30 p.m. I knew this was probably a reminder that my curfew was in thirty minutes. At this point I had two choices, one was to answer the call and have to deal with Shayna, or just put it off till I get back. Of course since I was having fun, I put it off. It seemed like Shayna would never stop calling me, even though I never answered. on our way back from the trip, it dawned on me that I had seriously messed up and broken a hundred rules. Even when I had just broken a couple I got my *** beat, but this time I knew I had done it. We arrived back to campus, Gia happy, while in sadly tearing up walking back to my dorm. I try to lightly open the door, hoping that Shayna wouldnt be there, but yet again sadly she was. This time there was no yelling, sad faces or shouts. I saw real tears on Shaynas face, mine tear streaked as well and we sat in this silence for about two min. After a while Shayna softly said " I'd worried about you, afraid that something had happen. I need you to explain to me your troubles that happened over the course of this weekend. I did, sadly knowing that it wasn't just my butt that was going to be severely suffering tonight. She got up and for the first time yelled " What the **** do you think you were doing! I'm not just going to be spanked by the head girl, but I am going to get the came, leather belt and my ******* *** torn apart because of your dumb behaviors! And if you have the slightest hinch that I am going to go lightly on your ***, your wrong. I am going to tear your *** up, and beat the living crap out of it!" I knew she obviously wasn't playing and that she proved every single word she said right. I made some sounds that night that I didn't even know could come out of me. Honestly, my butt was beyond numb, I think it went numb and came back so I could feel the horrible pain. Later, she calmed me down and we went to the head girls dormitory to wait for her. When she arrived she told us that we were both going to be spanked, and very sorry for what we did afterwards. I revived a bare bottom spanking that lasted for 15 minutes. I was only sobbing though because it was much lighter than Dhayna had spanked me, but it hurt because it was on my sore behind. Shayna got spanked too, but she was only crying when I was told I could leave. And then the head girl said " you beat her *** good, but now I need to do the same to yours since I see your last reminder didn't help AT ALL!" Shayna was sobbing now and pleading, but all I could hear was the head girl pulling out her belt, and the constant plead from Shayna.
To be continued.....
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Spanking are good for us, not that we like them but we need them

how long time feel pain