My Earliest Memory

My earliest memory of anything to do with spanking was in my first school and on the first day. I vividly still remember the teacher throwing her keys across the room at a boy who was talking whilst she was. She then said that we were to all gather round her chair and sit on the floor.

We did this and waited. Next thing that happened was Nigel, who had the keys thrown at him was told to stand to the side of 'Miss'.

Seconds later he was across her knee and given a proper spanking across his grey shorts. She also then slapped his legs all the way down to his knees and back up.

To say I was petrified was an under statement. This was my first day at a new school and witnessed this. I had never seen a spanking before that.

Little did I know, but more was to come!
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I remember in kindergarten, a kid tried to leave once. The teacher dragged him into the restroom and spanked the living daylights out of him while we all sat there listening to him howl, terrified. I learned an important lesson that morning. School could be a dangerous place.