So Embarrassing

So a few weeks ago I had a few friends over.... My little sis kept bugging us. So I told her to stfu big mistake my mom heard it marched right into my room with the brush bared my butt and spanked me in front of all my friends! Then she washed my mouth out and made me do corner time :(
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16 Responses Dec 13, 2012

If i were your mom i would first tell a doctor to give 3 shots in your butt and tell your friends to come here and watch i would use a belt bare bottem.

Well don't feel bad I have gotten bare bottom spankings in church. I went to Sunday school I was in 4th grade so after Sunday school they had regular church and it was boring I wouldnt sit still or fall asleep. One Sunday mom got tired of it when service was over she grabbed me pulled me out to the hall where the benches was pulled my pants down then my underwear put me over her knee and started spanking me bare bottom right in front of the doors as people was coming out of church bunch stopped and watched and applauded her for spanking me after that day it was every Sunday while we went to church

Yuppers ANY cussing means a spanking here and not much worse than seeing Mom come in with the hairbrush in her hand and her "spanking look" on her face...especially with company around!

Never got it with company around that has to be humiliating. Add me and we can chat sometime we have a lot in common Marzi

Dropping the f-bomb is always the fastest way to a red sore bottom.

I've gotten spanked bare bottom as my friends watch too

What did your friends think of this? Did they gossip 'bout it?

They should all be spanked for laughing at you!!

Can you add me to your curcle? I love your stories.

My Mom would have done the same thing except she would have washed my mouth out with soap as well.

Ouch! that is embarassing!

I'm sorry it was in front of your friends, I wouldn't have done that, but otherwise, I think you mostly got just what you deserved.

Being spanked in front of friends is always awful! And I always feel it's unfair when I get my mouth washed out with soap AND get a spanking! My sympathies..


what other things do you get spanked for

you still get spanked at 18

think my mammy wud av done the same too!! feel sorry for u tho as must av been sooo embarrassed to get it in front of ur friends like that!!

If a dirty mouth is a habit for you, I might have spanked you. I would have waited until we were alone, but I probably would have scolded you and said, with your friends listening, that we would discuss it later. I'm sure they would figure out what was coming.

sorry you got spanked in frount of your friends. But I think you had it coming.