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I was spanked regularly growing up, usually following the same steps, having to stand in the corner, or wait in my room for my mom, being lectured for whatever I had done, a slap across the face. And then being taken or just knowing to go over her lap, hands stretched out to the floor and taking her hand spanking. Then either I'd stand up and step out of my pants and panties, or she's pull them down. And I'd take my spanks with her brush or hand, and me and my burning bottom would wiggle all around, and pop up and rub my butt when it was done.
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I remember being bared and spanked almost EXACTLY like that! Corner waiting, hand spanked then lost panties and sent to fetch the spoon etc and ending up in a spanking dance!

please add me K. I know what you went through, my mom used the hairbrush on my bare hiney when I was a kid.

What was the most trouble you have ever been in and your most memorable spanking? What were you mostly spanked for growing up?

I don't believe that anyone should be slapped in the face. Spanking on the bottom, OK, but no slaps on the face.

Carla, that reminds me of a cute saying that I saw on a souvenir spanking paddle: "Never slap a child's face, nature provides a much better place" There was a cute illustration of a naughty child bent over with a nice spankable hiney in position.

Sounds like a loving mother.

Did you always get a slap across the face? Had to of been hard knowing that was coming. Mom would slap our face but never stop there knowing it was about to happen. Always was in heat of the moment for back talk or attutude

When you hit a kid across the face, it suggests the kid is too dumb to be talked to. My parents (correction: MY MOM) pulled my panties down before spanking me with her paddle or hairbrush, but she never face slapped, even if we talked back. My dad was good for that one, my sister the recipient.

Me and my sister would get spanked by mom and stepdad.

I could care less what anyone says; face slapping is ASSAULT, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Anyone who slaps someone in the face had better prepare themselves for getting it right back. IF YOU CAN'T TAKE IT, DON'T DISH IT.

Face slapping was not unusual when I was growing up, but rarely for girls. Boys were face slapped by their dads, usually, much more often. Girls, though, would have their hair pulled. I saw a few girls pulled into the house by their hair, quickly followed by the unmistakable sound of a spanking.

My father slapped my stepsister in her face many a time. He told her to keep her teeth in her mouth because she had a pretty face and he hated to "mess it up". Let's be fair,people, he was usually drunk at the time and, in the sixities, no one looked twice. I'm just surprised that she got away with a mouthful of teeth and no black eyes.

Slapping one in the face today is interpreted as a threat; if you do that, you had better be prepared to get it right back. It does NOT MATTER WHO IT IS; getting hit or slapped in the face will get you not only into a fight, but that's considered assault, PERIOD.

my mom slapped me once or twice... that hurt my feelings more than the spankings....

sounds a bit like mine i had to stand by the chair and wait for her then i was spanked by hand to warm up then finished off with the belt or cane but i never treated my kids that way

Yes and now I have to hear my younger sister and brother go through it all as we'll. :(

Definitely a girl who knows the sting of a hairbrush on her bare bottom.

Thanks for sharing, much like how I've been spanked, with corner time before, bared and scolded, hand spanked followed by spoon or brush.....even a few face slaps now and then.

What do you feel about spanking nowadays ? For me its extremely arousing, to give and to receive.

Well mom still smacks my butt on a rare occasion, but I enjoy it when my bf spanks me now and then.

You mentioned you were slapped on your face cheeks. Is this also arousing you, getting it this way from your bf ? For me it is !

No, if he slapped my face I'd kick something of his. :) and no, from my mom it hurt so bad.

Good for you. Follow this advice: never slap a child's face, as nature provides a better place. (and we all know where that place is located)

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