5th Grade

I wasn't doing my work the way I should of, I kept hiding my homework in my desk and telling my mom that I didn't have any. The biggest problem was that my mom taught in the same school and went and talked to my teacher, well, I was in her classroom waiting to go home.
She came in so upset with me, I was given a spanking then and there and then was made to walk down to my classroom and retrieve all of the missed assignments, the whole time rubbing my bottom. I brought them back to my moms room and she made me sit down and start working on them and was promised a spanking when we got home. Well, we eventually went home and mom set her purse down and went and sat on the couch and called me over and dropped my pants and underwear and told me to lay across her lap, I don't know how long it lasted but I remember my butt being on fire and then was made to sit at the kitchen table on the hard wooden chairs to work on more of the work
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Did that red behind teach you a lesson?

I guess you had that coming, huh, david? My mother would have HUNG me if I ever did anything like that.