My First And My Most Memorable Spanking

I was 5 years old and in kindergarten when I received my first real spanking from my mother. One morning I just didn't want to go to school and did all that I could to get out of going. But my mother would have no part of me staying home that day and sent me off to school late. I walked to school then and the school was only a few blocks away from our house. Because I was feeling sorry for myself, especially about not getting my way, I walked slowly and got to the school just as the late bell rang. I really didn't want to go in then because I was afraid of the teacher and what she might do to me for being late. So I decided to go back home and make up some excuse as to why I hadn't been "allowed" to go into the school. On the way back home I took a longer way home and that got me in even deeper trouble because the police officer who did traffic duty near the school, when children were going to and leaving school, saw me walking back home and picked me up in his police car. After questioning me about why I wasn't in school and where I was going, and not getting any real answers from me, he asked me where I lived and then took me home. Once there, he told my mother as much of what he knew had happened, and where he found me walking.

After listening to him and knowing that I had not wanted to go to school that day, and also knowing how stubborn I could be at times, it didn't take my mother long to decide what she had to do, even though she didn't want to do it. Not five minutes after the policeman left, I found myself naked from the waist down and being led into the dining room where my mother moved an armless chair to a clear area, sat down on it, and after pulling me close to her, picked me up and laid me across her lap in order to give me my first ever bare-bottom spanking. And spank me she did, over and over with her hand. It smacked down on my bare bottom causing me to immediately begin begging her to stop as I first began to squirm, then kick and buck around on her lap. By this time the tears and sobbing were real, not faked like I sometimes did, and I felt like my bottom was on fire and that I had been there for ever. In reality it was probably less than a minute or two, but for a 5 year old who had never been spanked before on his bare-bottom, it was an eternity!

When it was finally over and my mother let me off of her lap, my hands flew to my bottom and I began trying to sooth it and rub away the pain. I also thought, or maybe I should say "hoped" that my mother would feel sorry for me too and maybe hug me or show some affection towards me since she had punished me for my naughtiness. I was wrong because all she did was to scold and lecture me a little as I danced around still rubbing me bottom, then tell me to pick up my clothes, go to my room, put on my pajamas and get into bed. I was also told that I was to stay there until she told me I could come out. I did as I was told, not wanting to anger her anymore for fear of getting another spanking, and spent the next 2 or 3 hours in bed. Before I finally fell asleep many thoughts went through my mind concerning spanking, how and why I had just been spanked, and also if I was going to be spanked again when my father got home - something at that time of my life would have been a fate worse than death - and found out what had happened. That thought both bothered and terrified me the most.

I also remembered the spankings I overheard Mrs. Taylor giving to her son and daughter (I have posted that story here on EP a while ago) and since that time I had found out that she and her husband were much more strict parents than mine were, and often spanked their children for doing naughty things I regularly got away with. I also couldn't help thinking how she might have spanked me if it had been her lap I was across instead of my mothers. I was sure she would have used a hairbrush, paddle or strap - in addition to her hand - to make sure I understood the seriousness of what I had done, and to teach me a lesson to never do it again. As much as my bottom hurt, I was starting to get a strange, but warm feeling inside, and finally fell asleep only after fantasizing and ************ - something I had already learned to do - about all of this!

I was awakened by my mother around noontime and told I could get dressed, have lunch and then go play for a while. I wanted to ask her if she was still mad at me and I also sensed she wanted to say more to me, but she didn't or couldn't and neither could I. That was always the way it seemed to be in our family, not only while I was growing up, but even after I was an adult. And in many ways that's still the way it is now.

For me, the sad part of all of this is I feel that if I had gotten at least half of all the many spankings, whippings and even "beatings" that I was threatened with, not only by my mother, but also at times by my father, maybe things would be a lot different for me today. But I didn't. I only got a few, and I think because of this I basically grew up with very little self-respect, self-discipline and to some extent, a lack of respect for others. I truthfully feel this is largely due to the fact that I received very little discipline from my parents while growing up.
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Yes, the initiation to parental spanking is something that was memorable for me too! In your story, you say that you were worried your father would spank you when he got home. Did he spank you on that occasion? It was always my father who gave the spankings at my house.

my mom stated spanking me bare bottom when i was about same age as you allways the same mom takes down pants underware lecture over her kenes for the big fat thick oval hair brush pounding in my *** when done legs kicking crying did spanking dnace an corner or my room

great story and Reminds me of my own past fondly .. But with a healthy respect for the discipline that does indeed last a lifetime well written .. I love my parents for having the courage and strength of heart to keep me in line Patrick

It wasn't discipline it was intimacy and guidance

I feel for you - but I loved Kintergarden.

Nice recollection