So im gonna be 17 in less then two weeks so ive never been spanked but I'm always cursing hitting my mom and sisters no one does a thing what would u do if I was ur child btw I do what I want smoke school w.e I never listen honesty I do what I want. I go to school when i feel like it and honestly when my mom ****** me off I eighter yell or I hit her in the arm and she will hit back but I'm much stronger so she doesn't bother half the time so I'm cousios what would u so to me if I was ur child?
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4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

you woukd be over my knee and my hairbrush would be working your bottom crimson red till you coukldnt sit

You need more than a spanking and strong discipline, you must be trained to respect others

You would have a very sore bottom if you were my child, I have a cane that would work wonders on your bottom

Holy hell! If I ever hit my mom... Holy crap