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Should 13 Year Olds Get Spanked?

This isn't much of a story but I had a question... It seems that my parents have completely stopped spanking me now. I really think that a girl my age still needs a spanking! I really want to get spanked because I think I'm starting to act like a brat, and I want to be a good girl. I know it will be painful, but I think that people my age should get a spanking. I'm not talking about something brutal, I just think a spanking should be like this: Pants and undies down, with a hand, hair brush, or paddle, (The time of the punishment should relate to the wrong doing), and then either stand in the corner or be sent to their room. Mind that this is from a girl my age and I'm not even an adult, just mature :) Please tell me what you think, and how I should get this to work!
goodkid goodkid 13-15 24 Responses Jan 17, 2013

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I was spanked as a kid. Bare bottomed and sometimes naked. It was past the age of thirteen. I know now that I deserved it but at the time it was humiliating for me to still be spanked in my teens

you are getting too old for spankings from your parents

Your never to old to have your bare bottom spanked when being a brat. Given your age this has to come from your parents. So sit then down be honest about how you feel they should still spank you.

I don't think spanking a 13 year old girl was even the norm in my day (50s and 60s) but knew at least 5 girls that were spanked at that age bare OTK at your age. Three of them up to age 19 at least.

I am, not opposed to spank a child your age. I am, always open to talk and change my discipline style. Sounds as if you should opt to open a discussion with your parent.

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This seems a bit odd. Do you have a fetish ? Anyway, if you are genuine I would suggest that you discuss this in an open manner with your parents.

But if you wish to act like a good girl it is far easier to act like one than asking you parents to punish you.

There is not an age limit on when one needs correction. Perhaps they have replaced spanking with other things that you dislike more than spanking? I suggest talking to them about your feelings dear. The only way for them to know what your thinking.

I Agree if your being a brat

yes naughty ones should

I'm 13 years old and I'm spanked by my mom, grandma, and my best friends mom.

I am 17, I have a 13 year old brother and we are both spanked by mom and dad. Neither of us like the whole pants coming down thing, and both mom and dad spank HARD. But we both admit it beats the crap out of being grounded or losing our stuff. Talk to your parents, in our house it's discussed pretty openly how we are disciplined. You might be surprised how your parents might not mind switching your punishment back to spanking.

Yep, you can get spankings till 18.

I got my bare bottom thrashed harder by my Mum until I left home at age 23

If the alternative is being grounded then I'd always go for the spanking. I live in Spain and spanking is not allowed, so the past week I spent grounded and I would have swapped it for a spanking without any thought at all! If you feel you want a spanking then talk to your parents about it.

I still spank my son and he's 14, but there are plenty of parents who don't spank their children and they turned out fine.

My mom still spanks me, and although I hate the routine I know it's best for me. Sucks having your mom see you like that, but I know it's done out of love and concern.

how old are you?

Did you get a spanking?

i MySelf was smacked on my bare bottom from when i was very young having strict parents . i think i deserved all the spankings i got even when it made me cry .as i got older i must have been a problem child the spankings got harder . a teenager i was often caught doing something wrong it felt normal being smacked hard on my bare bottom for being a NaughtyBoy . My Mum and extended family often smacked my bare bottom when i deserved to be punished .

If you know you are acting up, are mature enough to realise, then you must be ready for the next step to doing the right thing - which is why your parents don't spank you. They can probably see the other side of your behaviour rearing its head in time. Bless them

Discipline is good *spanks*

i Agree Without discipline their is chaos . Strict Parenting works

Gratification is not punishment. You could talk to your parents about this, but they might not want to play the game.

I think it could be your hormones playing up. You obviously know right from wrong, your parents will know this too, that is why they don't respond to your request.
Or maybe there is a masochist streak in you trying to get out. Time will tell.

at 13 you know right and wrong so you should not be doing any thing wrong and should be behaving like a young adult so act like one you are lucky to be treated this way some are spanked up till they are 20 do the right thing by your parents and be good

YES your right i mySelf was often spanked with a leather strap until i left home at age23 . and when i was staying with my Uncle until i was age26 he often took his belt of to thrash me for drinking to much or smoking

I guess after 13 years they worked out that spanking just makes you behave worse.

Have you tried asking them directly?

I would be WAY to embarrassed to ask them for a spanking!

That worked for me . when i was Age13 my Mums younger sister was gorgeous it was summertime in the garden . i was wereing T-shirt and shorts She slapped my bum . i looked at her and said you can smack me harder if you want to and she did . when we were alone i asked her again if she wanted to smack my bottom hard .she said can i use the thick leather strap your Mum used across your bare bottom for getting caned at school . i said yes if you want . she said go to your bedroom and be ready just as you would for your mum . i did and i was waiting naked face down on my bed . This is going to hurt David she said .Then Whack the strap came down hard across both cheeks . she said remain stil .Then Whack again and again harder and harder until my bare bottom turned red and bruised . i think we both got some kind of pleasure i was so attracted to my mums sister i often let her thrash me properly

You should not act like a brat but act like a well behaved girl. From your post it seems as if you know when you behave like a brat and when you are not. I you know when you behave like a brat, then stop behaving like that. Punishment and spankings are normally given to a child that needs guidiance and correction. You don't need that.

But apart from that, 13 is not to old for a spanking.

Ok I will try but my parents really make me mad, then I get mad, but they do nothing so I'm not being taught anything but that I can act bad and get away with it.

If you do not behave, it is your parents' job to guide you and eventually punish you if you keep misbehaving. But you seem to know how to behave and there are no reason to punish you. If your parents make you mad, tell them in a polite way.

Being punished should not be an object for a child.

That's good advice but when I'm mad, it's hard to be polite so I kinda loose my temper. I want to be a great woman when I grow up so idk how I can if I'm not punished (besides just acting good myself)!