I Took Over My Wife'S Discipline From Her Parents. She Was Spanked Often And Hard!

Been married a long, long time now and, still, now and then I have to put her over my knee. She was under strict discipline when she was still living at home and once I came into the picture she came to understand she still needed it. Given that her sometimes errant ways continued into adulthood, I continued her discipline and still do to this day.

She was sixteen and I was eighteen when we met in high school. I am somewhat strong and controlling and she is pretty feisty, often expressing her opinion loudly and quite headstrong. She was part of a large family with three girls and three boys. The dad was a long-distance trucker who wasn't home a lot but, when he was, he enforced the family discipline that had often laxed in his absence with a strap and a hairbrush. The boys got the strap, the girls got the hairbrush. Her mom "took care of business" the same way when her dad was away If something one of them did needed immediate attention, i.e., her mom would punish if she was angry, but mostly the discipline was administered once he returned home.

With a family that large there was always some kind of turmoil and the dad had little tolerance for it. I was there many times to witness the turmoil but never witnessed any of the punishments. He was family oriented and kept that aspect of their lives under wraps but he would yell and threaten and, once any visitors were gone, any deserved punishments took place shortly thereafter and fairly often my diminutive little girlfriend, all 4ft 11in of her and the oldest kid, was the recipient. Many times I would call to come pick her up for a day of fun in summer or on the weekend only to be told by her that she was grounded for the day. After a few weeks of dating she confided in me that, in addition to grounding and having to do extra chores, etc., she and her sisters were also given spankings by her parents...and that they spanked HARD. And, according to her, nary a week went by without someone, boys or girls or both, "getting it" from one or the other of their parents.

I don't really care about the boys' spankings so as we go along here on EP I'll be describing what I know about the girls's spankings as well as what we, she and myself, have experienced as a couple all these years. I'll state that the spankings she and her sisters received during their teen and young adult years (yes, they are an old farm family and discipline continued even as the girls got older if the mom or dad deemed it necessary), were somewhat ritualistic and very painful. All spankings were administered over the knee. If the unfortunate girl was wearing a dress it would be pulled up, and sometimes pinned up, front and back. If slacks, jeans or shorts were worn, they would be pulled down to knees or ankles. Underpants (yes, that's what my wife calls them, so I do also) were always pulled down for punishment; spankings were administered on their bare behinds. The dad always respected the girls' modesty and would pull down their underpants only after taking the girl over his knee. However, the mom would often pull down their underpants while they stood between her legs as she prepared them for their punishment. In either case, a girl had to stand there, underpants on display or pulled down to her knees, and endure a scathing lecture regarding her disobedience, poor conduct, bad grades or, whatever. My wife says the lectures, given by her mom, dad or me, were/are horrific often producing tears, goosebumps and, of course, that shivering kind of humiliation that a girl/woman feels when being reminded of her misdeeds, told what is going to happen to her, all while being treated as a naughty girl.

I'm enjoying writing this and will finish this story another time as well as post some more. I have many years of spanking experiences to share.

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