Spanking Mom

I was raised in the mid west in the 50s by a spanking mom who routinely spanked me over her lap with a wooden hairbrush.

I do not remember my early years but from age 8 to 11 I was over my moms lap having my bare behind spanked by her hand until I was one very sorry little boy. Mom only had one form of punishment and that was spanking so I spent a lot of time over her lap or standing in the kitchen corner with my pants and underpants around my ankles recovering from a spanking.

When I turned 12 mom introduced my bare behind to her wooden hairbrush that would continue to spank my bare bottom until I turned 17, whenever I misbehaved which I am sorry to say was fairly often.

If I used bad language or talked back to her my punishment included getting my mouth washed out thoroughly before I was spanked and because mouth washing was messy those spankings were given with me naked instead of just bared.

Moms spankings were not severe, but they were no picnic either, and she never let me up until I was crying, kicking and begging my mommy to stop spanking me.
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Good for you :-).
That is the only right way to punish naughty boys, so a lot of respect to your mother for providing you with the right kind of discipline.
My upbringing is similar to yours. My mother only used one kind of punishment to correct my behavior and is was a good hard bare bottom spanking over her knees with her trusty wooden hairbrush.
I also spent many moments standing crying in the corner after my spankings showing off my bright red bottom.
I got my last spanking when I was 17 as you and I really missed it until I met my wife. Now she gives me the spankings I need to keep my inner child behaving like a good boy :-)

my mom spank me bare over her knees with hairbrush last on ei got from her i was 18
yea 18 so embrassing being standing there lecture as my pants an underare come down an obver her kenes my sister saw me many times get it over moms knees an few times in the corner bare ***,,,,if we use bad words mouth wash with soap

You were lucky not to have your mom start using the hairbrush until you were 12. In my family my mom used the hairbrush on all of us. I was the youngest and she introduced my hiney to the hairbrush when I was 7, after I burned a hole in the living room rug. From then on she always gave me the hairbrush. Before I was 7 she either used the fly swatter or a thin paint stick that we called "the ruler".

And yes, I remember getting my mouth washed out with Ivory soap, usually for telling a lie or for bad language. One time when I was 10 she washed my mouth out with soap while I sat in the bath tub. Then she got me out, dried me off, took me down to my room and then gave me one of the worst spankings ever with the hairbrush.

The majority of my experience with Ivory soap was for talking back. I got some for bad language, but it was not at common in the 50s, as TV had just come into being and movies were basically all G rated.

However if I got my mouth washed out, it was immediately followed by a long hard otk bare bottom spanking as well.

My mom usually just bared me for a spanking but if she was going to wash my mouth out she ******** me naked so I would not slobber soap suds all over my clothes while she was washing my mouth out and then when she was spanking me.