Recollections Of Being Spanked Across The Knee

My first spanking was with my mummy when I was about 8 years old. I had wet my bed. Mummy had very old Victorian ways of discipline as did my daddy and that was always a sound spanking across their knee. It was the only way with them.
Mummy put me across her knee and gave me several firm spanks on my bare bottom and lecturing me about how naughty I was.
What I didnt expect was the fact that I found it very enjoyable even at such a young age and it gave me a nice feeling afterwards which basically was a sexual feeling. I confess that I wanted it again from mummy and any misdemeanor however slight would be enough for mummy to discipline me in her chosen way across her knee.
Reading similar stories of peoples childhood experiences on EP makes me wonder if anyone else developed a liking and desire to be spanked across the knee as they grew up from childhood to adulthood as I did. The same excitement occurred through my school years and turned into fantasies about the headmistress or other teachers.
Like many people who have sexual desires away from what is commonly known as the normal sexual activity, I wonder if this is already within one at birth or it gradually develops.

On the internet there are numerous spanking sites with tales of peoples spanking desires and also tales of fiction.
It is quite a relief in a way that sites such as this allow people to come out with their feelings on any topic in total anonymity and share with others. We all have sexual preferences of one kind or another
and this topic happens to be mine.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I also did develop a fantasm about being spanked otk . I often got it from my aunt , from 13 to 17 , while working on her farm in my school's vacation .
Today I still love getting it

Yes I developed some of those same feelings when I lived in an orphanage.