I don't even remember what I did wrong.

What I remember is the bathroom in our old house. High ceiling, tile floor, dark green paint on the walls, no heat, altogether a grim place.

I remember my mother taking me by the hand and walking me into the bathroom. I must have been about six or seven. I was in my pajamas, my feet bare. She sat down on the toilet seat and told me to bend over her lap. It seems strange now, but I remember that I didn't know why, or what was going to happen next. But of course I obeyed. If Mom tells you to do something, you do it. The tile floor felt cold on my toes.

Mom pulled down my pajama pants and my underpants. Even then I didn't know what was going to happen. Somewhere around then was when I realized that I wasn't going to like one bit what happened next!

By the third slap on my bare bottom, I was already crying and kicking. I don't remember exactly, but I don't think the spanking lasted very long - I think I was struggling so hard that I managed to wriggle my way off my mom's lap, and she gave up at that point.

It was the first spanking I got as a kid, and there weren't very many - one or two others. (Mostly I was a very well-behaved kid, your typical older child.) But I have a fascination with spanking. I fantasize about being scolded by an adult (usually female), told what a naughty boy I am, having my pants pulled down and put over an adult's lap for a sound bare-bottom spanking that hurts so much it makes me cry my eyes out. I am always barefoot in these fantasies, and I think about kicking my feet as she spanks my bare bottom with her hand or a hairbrush.

I would like to hear your thoughts.
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I can remember spankings I got without being able to remember why. One was an extra long, hard one with a slipper on my bare bottom, from my mother, leaning against the bed in her bedroom. I still think about that from time to time.

mo wuold spank me anywhere in the house no speciall room tho she like kitchen with back door open so neighbers could hear me howling out

Thank you so much for sharing. I have always had a spanking fetish with spanking too. Mine however doesn't involve being spanked but rather as a kid and to this day it involves the fantasy of strict mom spanking her kids bare bottom, mainly girls.

nice story, As a small kid I remember beeing spanking "diaper position". My **** was always hard before, during and after spanking, when I was around 10-11 I started to pre-cumm-ing and as a older kid i sometimes exploded with true, white *****.

The thought of being scolded and spanked with a hairbrush by a female is very powerful, especially if it is a bare bottom spanking.

Wow... this is a great story. Toilet seat spankings are the best! I wish I could have had an experience like that when I was little. You wrote that you didn't know you were about to be spanked, and that you don't remember what you had done that was wrong, but I'm curious did you even know you were in trouble when your mom brought you to the bathroom, and then asked you to go over her knee? Did your mom even seem angry at the time? What did she use to spank you with, and what happened when the spanking was finally over? Did you dance around and rub you cheeks? Did you mommy comfort you and then put you to bed?

I think I knew I was in trouble. I had probably been acting bad for a while and Mom had finally had enough. She wasn't yelling, but she looked stern. But I really didn't know what was going to happen until around when she pulled down my pajamas and bared my bottom. She spanked me with her hand, but again, it didn't last very long. I don't have any memory of what happened afterward - maybe she decided she couldn't, or didn't want to spank me any more, and sent me to my room?

If I were writing the story now, I would change some of those details. I wouldn't have been able to wriggle my way off Mom's lap. I would cry and struggle and kick my bare feet helplessly as she held me firmly and spanked me until I was sobbing my eyes out. Then afterwards she would hold me and tell me it was all right.

Nice! You and I truly share a similar viewpoint and interest although unfortunately for me it's one that sadly I was never given the opportunity to experience first hand.... I would appreciate it if you could try and describe exactly how those first few bare bottom smacks actually felt, and exactly what your thoughts were and how you reacted.... Thanks

How old were you? I don't remember my first spankings. It is funny you did not know what was going to happen even over her lap. Really?

I know - it's hard to believe. I think I was about four or five. Somehow the key moment of the whole memory is that sudden transition from total innocence as I obeyed my mother's command to bend over her knee, to the sudden terror as the first spank fell on my bottom and I realized what was happening.

Hi, I have very similar thoughts, but I was spanked and caned far more in my childhood. I have in recent years done something about my fascination. See my stories

I doubt if this triggered your spanking fetish!

I'm sure it was one of many things that did that! But it's a very powerful memory, although hazy.